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International iGaming operator CasinoPop partners with Wiraya to treat all players like VIP

Stockholm, Sweden 10th of January 2019, international operator CasinoPop has successfully implemented Wiraya’s managed software for Mobile Customer Activation, targeting Swedish players, and will now expand this enhanced player engagement into new European markets. The partnership further strengthens the customer focus core to the CasinoPop strategy.

“We have structured our whole business model around rewarding loyal customers. For us that means not only going beyond sharing part of our company profits, but also enriching the experience for players throughout the customer life cycle” says Daniel Eriksson, Co-founder of CasinoPop.

Eriksson continues “The reason for using Wiraya has been proven in three key areas. We’ve been able to increase the lifetime value of players, deliver unmatched conversion rates and by focusing on existing customers, we’ve proactively reduced churn."

"Operators are finally recognising that customer experience is the main differentiator for brands. While more stringent regulations, and greater competition are clearly factors, ultimately greater expectations from players is causing leading operators to change their approach.” says Hampus Lindberg, iGaming Director for Wiraya.

“Customer experience (CX) used to be a secondary consideration for iGaming operators. It was a nice to have, but the main consideration was always conversion. Get more people in. Yet as we move into the 'Age of the Player' the customer experience and conversion go hand in hand. By blending personalized voice, text and gamification, we are enabling CasinoPop to treat every player like a VIP” says Eriksson.

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About CasinoPop:

Founded in 2017 CasinoPop was founded by industry veterans who were frustrated by big margins deployed by other brandsand wanted to focused on rewarding loyal customers. CasinoPop are unique in offering normal gameplay rewards in addition to revenue shares with customer.

CasinoPop takes part of the revenue and hands it back to the players in the form of a spin in the game called popSpin. For each level that you increase you will get a new spin. popSpin always pays out wager-free wins, and the prizes ranges from Free Spins all the way up to a jackpot.

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About Wiraya:

Wiraya is an Automated Customer Interaction software that dramatically improves your customer experience KPI’s. It uses data and artificial intelligence to generate the optimum blend of voice, text and mobile messaging to inspire action from your players. 

Started in Sweden in 2008, Wiraya now has offices in Stockholm, Malta and London, working across industries with a number of Europe’s largest brands as clients. Wiraya has processed over 100 million interactions to date.

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