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A Yanmar 4LV150 clean marine diesel powers Matteo Tiepolato's traditional wooden taxi boat “Aquamarina”.
A Yanmar 4LV150 clean marine diesel powers Matteo Tiepolato's traditional wooden taxi boat “Aquamarina”.

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First Yanmar Powered Venetian Taxi Boat

YANMAR are making waves in the waterways of Venice, with the first installation of an engine for Matteo Tiepolato and his traditional wooden taxi boat “Aquamarina”.

The leading manufacturer of marine engines was chosen by Matteo, who has been operating a water taxi service in Venice since 2008. He chose the 4LV150 marine diesel specifically for its reputation for reliability, efficiency and low emissions making it perfectly suited to his business and the narrow canals of the historic city. It also marks the first water taxi in Venice to be fitted with a YANMAR engine.

Another big benefit from the YANMAR engine is the lack of vibrations, important when transporting prestigious customers. The 4LV150 provides an enhanced passenger experience with minimal vibrations from the engine, driving a comfortable ride and leaving the occupants to enjoy the beauty of Venice without any distraction from the 4-cyclinder, 2.8L engine, all whilst remaining in compliance with local requirements.

Equally, when entering the more open waters of the lagoons and exclusive private island resorts surrounding the city, the smooth acceleration and responsiveness of the YANMAR engine allows the boat to immediately enter onto a plane whether there are 1 or 10 people onboard.

With current fuel prices, economy is also key: “I have complete faith in the engine which is economical to run and gives me peace of mind,” says Matteo. “It suits the water taxi service, but I would recommend it to anyone for leisure purposes also.”

Furthermore, the YANMAR engines' durability has seen the operator through long operating periods with Matteo not experiencing even a single day of unplanned downtime in the 3 years the engine has been fitted to his boat.

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Video of Venetian Taxi Boat Aquamarina Powered by Yanmar

About Yanmar Marine International

A leading supplier of innovative engines and technology-driven marine propulsion systems, YANMAR Marine International (YMI) supplies the world’s cleanest, most efficient, reliable and durable diesel engines for the recreational sector – both sailboats and powerboats – and light duty commercial applications. Its trusted range of common rail marine diesel engines encompass an output range from 40 mhp to 640 mhp, the most comprehensive offering available from any marine engine manufacturer. Committed to the development of advanced technology for the best and most sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of boat owners and OEMs, YMI’s mission is to enhance the entire boating experience for all its customers. YMI continues to grow its network of service centers worldwide and build on its enviable reputation as a complete systems provider and marine industry ambassador with new partnerships, co-operations and investment.

Based in the Netherlands, YMI is incorporated within YANMAR’s global operations, spanning seven business domains on land and at sea. With its beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, YANMAR went on to become the first company to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of practical size in 1933. With industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the business, YANMAR has continued to expand its range of products, services and expertise to deliver total solutions as a diesel engine and equipment manufacturer, providing small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines, machine tools, and components.

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From sprawling fields to the oceans and our global cities, Yanmar is active in every part of the planet earth that touches our lives. Yanmar maintains an unparalleled reputation for reliability and efficiency based on the strength of its technologies in these domains. We provide innovative and diverse solutions creating new wealth and value for our customers and our community.

With beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, Yanmar was the first ever to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of a practical size in 1933. Moving on, with industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the enterprise, Yanmar has continued to expand its product range, services, and expertise to deliver total solutions as an industrial equipment manufacturer. As a provider of small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine, machine tools, and components — Yanmar’s global business operations span seven domains.
On land, at sea, and in the city, Yanmar’s Mission of “providing sustainable solutions focused on the challenges customers face, in food production and harnessing power, thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows,” stands testament to Yanmar’s determination to provide us with “A Sustainable Future”.

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