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​Success for Stutterheim with UGC in ad campaigns

News   •   Jan 16, 2020 09:30 CET

The premium raincoat brand Stutterheim was founded in 2010 by Alexander Stutterheim and has since, become an international phenomenon. Retailers worldwide are selling the famous raincoats, and from the very beginning, social media has been an important part of the marketing strategy. 

According to Guillaume de Basly, E-Commerce Manager at Stutterheim, e-commerce counts for around 55% of the revenue today, compared to 25% two years ago. Flowbox’s platform has enabled Stutterheim to work smarter and more efficiently with content marketing.

“We have a visual product which tend to appeal to creative people. A lot of our customers respond well to a certain aesthetic and also create nice things themselves, so there’s a lot of great content out there and we want to make use of that in our marketing,” says Guillaume de Basly, E-Commerce Manager at Stutterheim.

While a lot of brands use user-generated content (UGC) on their website, Stutterheim has taken the next step and now also use UGC in their social media ads.

“It’s been three months now since we started using user-generated content in ads and we’ve already seen great results. Our cost per acquisition is 58 percent lower when we use UGC. It seems like the more personal the image is, the better engagement. Our statistics indicate that when it’s a studio produced image, the engagement is usually low. Best is when it’s less polished and more personal. As soon as we realized that, we started to test UGC in ads and I think it worked out pretty well.”

Guillaume de Basly explains that although the cost per acquisition is significantly lower when using UGC in social media ads, the goal isn’t always to sell. 

“Sometimes we highlight our customers’ content in our other marketing touchpoints, but not necessarily to just sell. We want to build a sense of community. Of course, the ultimate aim is to drive sales here and now, and our next step is to do so by integrating UGC in our retar-geting strategy – but we think UGC will have a better long-term effect if we initially engage people,” says Guillaume de Basly.

The advertising objective when using user-generated images is prospecting and brand awareness. Retargeting, with the aim to drive conversions, will be the next step.

The user-generated images that Stutterheim collect and distribute through Flowbox are created both by customers and influencers. Some brands struggle finding the right tone of voice when using UGC, or trying to get more polished UGC, but for Stutterheim this is not a problem.

“Today, many brands are more humble and less polished. People today are used to seeing content that’s not directly from the brand so you don’t need to only distribute perfect branded content. We’ve used UGC as background for ad campaigns and seen great results.”


18% increase in conversion rate
58.36% lowered cost per acquisition
41% lower CPM

These are the products in Flowbox that Stutterheim used: 

For more information, contact:

Helena Nordh Myhrman, Head of Content, Flowbox

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