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Mathias Dahlgren resets the table in the dining room

News   •   Dec 16, 2013 14:46 GMT

During spring and summer 2014, the Dining Room at Mathias Dahlgren will be undergoing a transformation, with a new restaurant experience emerging, slowly and organically, a bit like nature itself. Mathias himself is behind the changes, driven by the desire to further convey the vision of his concept The Natural Cuisine and offer guests a new sort of restaurant experience. The idea will put even more focus on the synergy between the artisans and guests, with the conversation revolving around fresh produce and cooking.

“I want our guests to go home full of new ideas, as well as a new understanding and deeper knowledge of fresh produce and cooking techniques,” says Mathias Dahlgren. “I want to create a forum where foodies come together and where we as chefs and artisans have the opportunity to learn something new from the guests while they learn from us. A forum where producers are invited share their experience and knowledge about their produce and products. I want to be close to the process where food and people meet. I want to see the facial expressions and reactions of the guests when they taste the food.”

The Dining Room will be open throughout the development process, enabling guests to follow the process of change first hand. And at the Food Bar it is business as usual.