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Mathias Dahlgren takes part in “Street Food by Diners Club”

News   •   Sep 01, 2014 14:32 GMT

On September 2-6 “Street food by Diners Club” is coming to Stockholm. On a tour of the Nordic countries, this isn’t just any food truck circuit. Diner’s concept is to cooperate with the top chefs in the Nordic region to serve up their interpretation of street food. In Sweden, they are taking Mathias Dahlgren to the street to give Stockholmer’s a new, unique taste experience. The food truck will be located at Skeppsbrokajen, below the Royal Palace, where lunch can be enjoyed for SEK 125.

Creating an exclusive street food menu for the Swedish leg of the tour, Mathias Dahlgren will be on location in the food truck, cooking and serving food every day while the truck is in Sweden. His menu breathes soul food and is inspired by food that his grandmother, Alice, used to cook, remade to work in the context of a modern-day food truck.  Mathias Dahlgren promises food with strong identity and lots of heart.  

“Travelling and eating are among the best things I know. Authentic food with a strong identity, cooked by people who are proud of their heritage and cuisine, is very inspiring. I’ve enjoyed lots of street food on the roadside and in shady alleyways in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Most often it’s a good old idea interpreted with love by a new, enthusiastic generation of cooks. Noodle soups in Tokyo, Tostadas in Mexico, Burgers in New York, Pinxos in San Sebastian – real soul food is incredibly delicious,” says Mathias Dahlgren.  “My grandmother was called Alice Carlsson and one of her signature dishes was slow-cooked brisket in a horseradish sauce. She also baked soft gingerbread with lingonberries. She often cooked food using very simple ingredients, but it always tasted delicious since she had a plentiful supply of two things; knowhow and time. I love all food cultures, including my own, which is why I am paying tribute to my grandmother September 2-6, 2014 in Street Food by Diners Club.”