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Never seen before: 1.000 video have been shooted just to say “thank you”

Comunicato stampa   •   nov 03, 2017 15:32 CET

3rd November 2017 – Famideal, the first 100% Italian website for families with children decided to thank its first 1.000 clients who shopped online on the new site launched in 2017. A special “thank you” which arrived with 1.000 personalized videos. A Titanic job, something that no other company had ever done before, both in Italy and in the all world. It was a project which engaged the whole team and which represents a new tile in the program #civuoleungesto launched last May in Lampedusa, Italy.

Each of the 1.000 clients received his personalized video along with a discount code, a small gift to who allowed the company to grow and achieve its goals.

“When we told our friends what we did, none believed it. And we realized that nobody else could have done it, not even our clients. 1.000 personalized videos? Impossibile. Therefore we decided to publish all them on our YouTube channel - says Federico Favot, Famideal CEO -. There is no need to say how important was the whole team and the care it put to the project. The same care which it shows everyday with our customers. From the very first day of this adventure, all together, we promised that we would have paid attention to do not loose sight of what it really counts. To say thank you to our customers is one of this important thing. At the end of the day we also enjoed shooting these videos”.

Famideal strength has always been the attention it pays to clients and to their own needs. 90% of our clients said that speed delivery as well as a highly professional customer care are the real advantages of our family e-commerce, along with the opportunity to have access to quality products at a lower price.

Team work, extreme competence and a strong customer care are then the main ingredients which led Famideal to increase its sales volume of 500% within 2 years and allowed the online website to plan its next business steps. An Italian company which is significantly growing and is willing to conquer a bigger market share in the family-oriented online business without forgetting its main focus: to mix together ethics and business.

The Nursery è un'agenzia di comunicazione con sede a Milano, fondata nel 2011. Produciamo idee, strategie e content creativo sotto forma di campagne e concept. Tra i clienti Abbvie, Assovetro, Consiglio Nazionale Dottori Commercialisti, Coreve, Estra SpA, Famideal, Groupalia.

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