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Reduced installation time with prefabricated solutions

News   •   Dec 19, 2016 08:37 UTC

LK makes plumbing and sanitary work more efficient. Whether you are a constructor, contractor, housing company or run a plumbing business, we can help you in your workday by doing a large share of the work for you.

We join together various heating and plumbing elements into larger units or complete systems. We work mainly in materials such as PE-X, AluPex, PP-R and PEH.

Making the building process more efficient

We can help to make large parts of the building process more efficient by carrying out a substantial share of plumbing and sanitary work at our production facility rather than at the building site. Installation time is reduced as we do the time consuming, and sometimes complicated, assembly for you.

Doing it right from the outset

We take part in the planning and construction stages and can therefore offer heating and plumbing solutions that are right from the outset. The material and component choices made by our experienced constructors guarantee you a total solution that works on the building site.

Secure and safe water

In addition to a reduction in installation time, you also benefit from lower inventory costs as we safely and securely supply clearly labelled packages, to the right location at the right time. Purchasing is easier, delivery control is smoother and administration simpler. In other words, you are given full control over costs as our integrated thinking ensures that costs are closely monitored.