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Löfbergs predicts future trends in a new podcast

Press release   •   Nov 06, 2019 11:20 UTC

Letting decisions be guided by purpose and values, not rules and policies. That is one of the conclusions that Lars Appelqvist, CEO at Löfbergs, presents in the podcast The Future Starts Here.

What will the world look like in 2030, and how will new impetus and trends affect the companies’ role in society? These questions kicked off a two-year foresight work that has engaged group management, managers as well as co-workers at Löfbergs. In the podcast “The Future Starts Here", the company’s CEO Lars Appelqvist shares the results.

- We have invested a lot of time and money in understanding the future and our role in it. The work is the basis for our new strategy that will be presented early next year, says Lars Appelqvist, CEO at Löfbergs.

- It may not be common for companies to share this kind of analyses with their competitors and others, but one of the most central behavioural changes we have identified is the transition from secrecy to transparency. It is partly about credibility, to show what we truly stand for, but also about creating prerequisites for a broader development. To get access to the knowledge and information of others, we must first share our own.

18 trends that affect the future
During this work, Löfbergs used PESTLE, a strategic analysis model developed in USA in the 1960’s. The model is based on six perspectives that provides an overall view of the future: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental.

- The starting point has been to study the human behaviour within each perspective and what it is driven by. The results spark an insight of the future and a chance to choose path, says Lars Appelqvist.

The podcast consists of an initial episode and one episode for each of the six perspectives. In every episode, Löfbergs presents three main trends that the company has identified. All in all, there are 18 trends that will affect the society as a whole.

- As for us, it is about letting our decisions be guided by purpose and values, not rules and policies. The political development indicates that we need to take a stand in issues we believe in and want to change more clearly, and the social development indicates that our role will be to build relationships and make meeting between people possible to a greater extent, says Lars Appelqvist.

The Future Starts Here is available where podcasts are found, for example at Acast, Podcasts and Podbean.

For more information:
Lars Appelqvist, CEO, Löfbergs,, phone +46 54 14 01 29
Sofia Svahn, Director of Communications, Löfbergs,, phone +46 54 14 01 10


The Future Starts Here in short

A podcast about the future beyond 2030. The podcast is based on a prediction of the future that Löfbergs has worked with for two years. Löfbergs has used PESTLE, an analysis model designed to understand long-term trends in society. The analysis is built on six perspectives and Löfbergs has identified three main trends for each perspective.


  • From factual matters to Ideology
  • From Local to Global
  • From Closed to Transparent


  • From Shortage to Surplus
  • From Finite to Infinite
  • From Owner to User


  • From Ego to Together
  • From Mass Production to Tailor-Made
  • From Job to Meaningful


  • From Hardware to Software
  • From Data to Artificial Intelligence
  • From Centralized to Local


From Fixed to Contextual

From Rules to Values

From National to Global


From Owning to Sharing

From Physical to Social

From Consumption to Re-Use

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