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Press release -

Munchmuseet is temporarily closed

Munchmuseet is temporarily closed

The management at Munchmuseet has decided to close the doors to all visitors from 11 am on Wednesday 11 March. The decision was made as a consequence of the outbreak of covid-19, and as a measure to limit further spreading in society.

The closure is currently valid for two weeks, through Wednesday, March 25.

At Munchmuseet we have visitors from all over the world, with a foreign visitor share of more than 60 percent. We follow the guideline from Folkehelseinstituttet (the Institute of Public Health) to risk assess all accumulations of more than a hundred people. On Wednesday morning, a crisis team was assembled, resulting in the decision to close the museum to reduce risk of infection amongst both our own employees and the public.

-It is important for us to reduce the risk of infection among our staff and visitors. Based on the recommendations of Folkehelseinstituttet, we put together a crisis team today and one of the conclusions is that the museum closes for visitors from 11am today. We also follow the advice of FHI when it comes to travel, home office, meeting activities and other measures in the workplace, says Stein Olav Henrichsen, director at Munchmuseet.