NHST Media Group - Quarterly Report 3rd quarter

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Group Management changes at NHST Media Group AS

Press releases   •   Sep 02, 2019 07:23 UTC

NHST Media Group - Quarterly Report 2nd quarter 2019

News   •   Jul 10, 2019 14:25 UTC


The NHST Media Group is currently undergoing an extensive restructuring process aimed at ensuring an increased share of digital content revenues, improved profitability and an increased growth rate in the longer term. The results for Q2 2019 were affected by this process. The Group posted revenues of NOK 301.3 million and an operating profit of NOK 10.8 million in the second quarter, against NOK 332.5 million and NOK 13.2 million, respectively, in the same period last year.

“Despite a continued decrease in revenues, I’m pleased to note that we have a positive development in revenue from digital subscriptions, both as a result of growth in our publications and because of the inclusion of Mention in the Group. In addition, the cost reducing measures are beginning to have an effect on profitability, for the time being primarily in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) segment,” says Group CEO Hege Yli Melhus Ask in NHST Media Group.

A number of measures are being implemented across the Group aimed at equipping NHST for the future, and increased digitisation is the common theme in all the changes that the Group is implementing. The changes implemented entail increased investments in areas where the Group needs to strengthen its competence, technology and competitiveness to secure growth and transformation. In addition, a number of profitability improvement measures are implemented.

In the second quarter, the measures which have been implemented are expected to result in increased productivity and reduced costs for the Group over time. In Dagens Næringsliv (DN), as one of the first publications in the world, automated page production of parts of the print editions has been introduced, and the same digital publication platform as in DN, has been taken into uses in the first publication for Global Publications. In addition, several projects aimed at organising the resources in larger units and in fewer locations is ongoing in Global Publications. As previously commented, there has been a major reorganisation process in Mynewsdesk over the past months.

As a result of the initiated measures, there was a lower operating cost in Norwegian Publications and in the SaaS segment in the second quarter this year compared with the same period last year. The underlying cost base in Global Publications is also decreasing. The work is being continued with the introduction of a number of efficiency enhancement measures across the Group to improve work operations and coordination.

“We can still achieve significant gains by becoming more digital in the way we work. Even though our users are increasingly using our products exclusively online, this isn’t sufficiently reflected in the organisation in several of our enterprises. Here, we’ve identified measures that will contribute to reducing structural costs and thus provide a basis for increased profitability in the years to come,” says Ask.

In parallel with the work to achieve increased efficiency and reduced structural costs the Group has initiated several activities aimed at creating revenue growth. Improved profitability in the longer run depend on both revenue growth and rigours control with operating costs.

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NHST Media Group AS appoints new Group CFO

Press releases   •   Jun 27, 2019 08:52 UTC

NHST Media Group - Quarterly Report 1st quarter 2019

News   •   May 06, 2019 18:25 UTC

The first quarter for NHST Media Group reflects the transition to improve profitability, secure future digital revenues and increase growth. The changes affect every part of the organisation, in addition to revenues and results. The changes to the business portfolio in 2018 added digital subscription revenues and international growth, in line with the strategy going forward. In the first quarter, the Group added several strategic processes to further define goals and the changes needed to reach them. The Group works towards increasing efficiency and reduce its structural cost base. Measures aimed at increasing digital revenues will improve profitability in the future.At the same time the Group continues to develop its products and product portfolio towards even greater user orientation and more customised products.

The Group’s operating result for the first quarter was down on the same period last year. The decline was caused both by increased operating costs related to initiatives in analytics and digitisation, and to costs associated with profit improvement measures and extensive strategic processes in several of the businesses.

On the revenue side, the underlying trend is stable. Adjusted for the effects of Nautisk Forlag and the SaaS company Mention, revenues in the first quarter were on level with the same period last year. Revenues from digital subscriptions in the media businesses grew, while Mention continued its growth pattern. Global publications achieved growth in adverting revenues for the second straight quarter, while advertising revenue in Norwegian publications fell.

Measures have been identified and implemented I all the businesses to reduce the costs base throughout the year and into 2020. The SaaS company Mynewsdesk is undergoing a major restructuring process aimed at reducing the cost base significantly as from the second quarter. This will affect both the top-line result and profitability in the coming quarters.

The Group continues to prioritise high-quality products. In the first quarter, Dagens Næringsliv won the prestigious Skup Prize (Foundation for a Critical and Investigative Press (SKUP)) for its revelation of manipulated ratings for the music streaming service Tidal. DNX was among the nominees for Agency of the Year in Norway in 2019 in the content marketing category.

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NHST Media Group - Quarterly Report 4th quarter 2018

News   •   Feb 04, 2019 20:39 UTC

The fourth quarter showed a decrease in profits with an EBITDA of MNOK 11.4 (20.1) and an EBITDA margin of 3.4% (5.8%). The decrease is primarily due to the development in Mynewsdesk and Norwegian Publication, as well as the amortisation of goodwill related to the Mention acquisition.

Operating revenues in the fourth quarter were MNOK 331 (348.1), down 5% on the same period last year. There was a decrease of 4% in Norwegian Publications and of 1% in Global Publications, whereas the development in Mynewsdesk was stable, exclusive of the effects of Mention.

Subscription revenue amounted to MNOK 211.0 (197.8), 7% up on the same quarter last year. This is primarily due the revenue effects from Mention, but Norwegian Publications also saw a 2% revenue increase in the fourth quarter.

After growth in the third quarter, advertising revenue decreased by 9% in the fourth quarter, ending at MNOK 75.7 (83.4). Norwegian Publications accounted for the largest decrease.

Mention contributed with revenues of MNOK 18 and an operating profit of MNOK 0.6 from its ordinary operations in the fourth quarter. The preliminary Price Purchase Allocation analysis identified excess values of MNOK 195. Parts of these values are amortised and the negative effect on the fourth quarter result was MNOK 12. A further description of the PPA and its effects is shown in note 3.

The EBITDA performance before one-time effects were MNOK 4.3 (25.2), which does not include the profit of MNOK 7 from the sale of the Nautisk business.

The operating loss was MNOK 10.8 (operating profit of 4.8), including the effects of the Mention acquisition and the Nautisk sale.

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Management changes at Mynewsdesk AB

Press releases   •   Dec 11, 2018 11:02 UTC

(11 December 2018) Louise Barnekow, Mynewsdesk’s Chief Product Officer, has been appointed interim CEO of the company. Mattias Malmström, who has served as CEO since 2015, has decided to leave Mynewsdesk to pursue new career opportunities. The changes are effective as of today.

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NHST Media Group - Quarterly Report Q3 2018

News   •   Oct 22, 2018 18:55 UTC

  • Revenues in the third quarter were 3% up on the same period last year. The growth is due to a positive third quarter for advertising revenue, which rose 21% in the quarter. Digital advertising revenue was the main reason for the growth, but there was also a significant improvement in paper-based advertising for Global Publications.
  • Subscription revenue fell by 2% in the quarter. Adjusted for exchange rate changes, the trend was stable for both Mynewsdesk and Norwegian Publications, while there was a small decline in Global Publications.
  • EBITDA ended the quarter on NOK 12m, down NOK 7m.The decline was caused by lower profitability in Mynewsdesk, which was down NOK 7m. The operating loss for the quarter was NOK 1m.
  • The French SaaS company Mention was purchased in the third quarter to strengthen the future development of Mynewsdesk.The initial purchase price was EUR 14m, with a future variable pricing element related to the combined business development up to and including 2020. The acquisition will contribute with strong digital knowhow, innovation and technology, as well as a global customer base to Mynewsdesk’s existing operation.
  • Nautisk Forlag’s business has been sold to StormGeo with effect from 1 October. The net effect of the transaction will be recognised in the fourth quarter and is expected to contribute with a small profit. Year to date 2018, Nautisk has contributed with revenues of NOK 83m and an operating loss off NOK 12m to the Group’s consolidated numbers, while the corresponding figures for 2017 was NOK 95m and NOK 10m.
  • Hege Yli Melhus Ask has been appointed as the new CEO of NHST Media Group. She comes from a position as Executive Vice President for the business area Privat of the insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring ASA. She will take up her post on 1 November.

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StormGeo to acquire Nautisk´s business from NHST Media Group

Press releases   •   Sep 04, 2018 09:26 UTC

NHST Media Group AS has entered into an agreement for the sale of the business of Nautisk Forlag AS to Stormgeo AS. Completion of the transaction is subject to the fulfilment of certain standard conditions and closing is expected within the next month or a soon as is practical.

Part of NHST since its inception in 1896, Nautisk has in recent years invested in the development of new, innovative solutions and has spearheaded the digital transformation of the nautical charts industry. The transaction will make Nautisk part of a broader maritime solutions provider and has a strong strategic logic

Financial details of the transaction are not being disclosed.

For any further information:

Andreas Emblem, Chair of the Board of Nautisk Forlag AS
E-mail: andreas.emblem@nhst.com Phone: + 47 932 56 068

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​NHST-owned Mynewsdesk acquires Mention to create a new global category leader

Press releases   •   Aug 31, 2018 14:06 UTC

Paris/Stockholm/Oslo 31st August, 2018

Mynewsdesk, the leading provider of a SaaS all-in-one digital PR platform in the Nordics, today announced that it has acquired Mention, a Paris-based real-time web and social monitoring tool used by a global customer base. The addition creates a new global category leader within real-time web and social listening for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs).

Mynewsdesk has in recent years been a major growth driver for the Norwegian business media group NHST. The acquisition of Mention reflects NHST Media Group’s commitment to this business area.

Andreas Emblem, NHST’s Head of Division and Chairman of Mynewsdesk, said: “This acquisition strengthens the global position of Mynewsdesk and lays the foundation for further strong, innovation-led growth. It is the result of an extensive mapping of global investment opportunities and reflects NHST’s commitment to B2B SaaS as a strategic growth area for the group.”

Mattias Malmström, CEO at Mynewsdesk, said: “This acquisition creates a new global category leader providing best-in-class software for PR, marketing and communications for SMEs. Mention is at the forefront when it comes to monitoring, AI and data-driven analytics with a first-class product and technology team.”

With over 3 billion people communicating across digital and social channels globally, it has become harder to keep track of relevant information. Using AI and data-driven analytics, Mention’s monitoring tool allows companies to keep on top of their information flow to support better real-time decision-making.

Since being founded in 2012, Mention has expanded rapidly and averages over 10,000 new users each month. Mention’s rapid growth typifies the ‘born global’ approach taken by many European startups, relying on the international talent pool on offer in Paris.

Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO and Co-Founder at Mention, said: “Our strength, which has contributed to our success, is the fact we have identified a strong need among SMEs to monitor digital and social channels. With us becoming part of Mynewsdesk, we can jointly offer even more innovative services to the global market.”

Matthieu will take on a new role within the combined company as Chief Operating Officer, spearheading integration, innovation and growth, reporting to CEO Mattias Malmström.

Financial details of the transaction are not being disclosed.

For more information, please contact:
Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer Mynewsdesk, +46 763923500

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