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New small Salli Saddle Chairs

News   •   Feb 22, 2019 08:40 UTC

Here they are: Salli Small MultiAdjuster and Salli Small SwingFit. Enjoy the new level of comfortable sitting!

Salli Systems is introducing a new, small saddle chair. Salli Small SwingFit and Salli Small MultiAdjuster are part of the Salli product family: handmade in Finland, with a ten-year warranty.

The new smaller chairs are an answer to the customers wishes. The seat is about four centimetres narrower than in the traditional Salli, so now it it easy for everybody to find the suitable model. It is essential that the sitting bones are on the softest place of the chair, to be able to keep the back upright easily.

Both models have Salli Base as a standard. Rub your soles against it and you'll get an invigorating, reflexological massage that enhances your wellbeing.

The new small chairs are at our dealers' shops and showrooms during March. Find the dealer closest to you and have a try!

The text continues below the picture.The old seat on the left and the new on the right.The Salli handle in the middle is turned up to adjust the width of the gap by the knob underneath. The knob on the side controls the swinging movement.

Changes in adjustment mechnisms

To make adjusting the chair as easy as possible we have renewed the width adjustment mechanisms of Salli Swing models and Salli MultiAdjuster. The width is now adjusted by a knob in the front of the seat. When the mechanism is locked the width cannot accidentally change while sitting.

Also the mechanism that controls the swinging movement has been updated. Now the stiffness or looseness of the swinging movement is controlled by a knob under the seat.

Both the new mechanisms are our own design, with patents pending.

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