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The association Swedish Software and the law firm Delphi produce new standard agreements for the IT market

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 13, 2016 09:29 CET

Delphi has been involved in a major revision and modernization of the association Swedish Software's standard agreement.

Delphi has, on behalf of Swedish Software, developed a complete set of standard agreements for the IT market – a tool for strengthening of the Swedish software industry. The new standard agreements include license agreements, contracts for cloud services and contracts for professional services, maintenance and support. The agreements provide the Swedish Software industry a complete set of tools to do business involving their software solutions and integration services. They are written for Swedish actors, but are also adapted to enable for an international expansion. The new standard agreements are also designed to facilitate new forms of distribution, such as cloud services and delivery through system integrators and partners.

Delphi has in addition to the standard agreements also developed a partnership and distribution agreement for Swedish Software. The agreement will support the association's expansion through partners and retailers. Swedish Software is an association of companies that owns and develops software. The association, founded in 1984, is non-profit and has today eighty member companies.
"Delphi has with its 25 years of experience a unique knowledge of both the industry and of the agreement arrangements that works. It is a knowledge which we gladly pass on to the IT industry through Swedish Software", says Agne Lindberg, partner at Delphi.

"For Swedish Software's members, the agreements are an important tool for our members to be able to grow and get good relationships with their customers and partners. The law firm Delphi's industry experience has been very valuable", says Stina Åkesson, President of Swedish Software.

Stina Åkesson
Swedish Software
Ph. +46 706 75 80 00

Agne Lindberg
Advokatfirman Delphi
Ph. +46 709 25 25 25


Swedish Software is the association of companies in Sweden that owns and develops software - or have close links to the company that owns and develops software. We give your business access to contracts, services, training, networking and inspiration that contribute to increased knowledge and competitiveness. Add to that that we represent and market the software industry towards authorities and politicians.
Swedish Software offers contract services, training, networking and inspiration that contribute to increased knowledge and competitiveness of businesses in Sweden that owns and develops software.
Swedish Software's knowledge hub, Ambassador and motivator in how software generally and software companies in particular can contribute to increased competitiveness of Sweden.
The association currently has 80 IT companies all over Sweden.

Delphi is one of the top commercial law firms in Sweden. We help our clients with mergers and acquisitions. We advise them on matters of banking, finance and capital markets. We represent clients in court and in arbitration and are acknowledged as being extremely competent in public procurement, environmental law and real estate law.

Many of us are specialists in high-tech fields such as IT, intellectual property and life science. Our drive and our interest in technology and business probably explain, in part, our success. We are often praised for our commercial sense and our ability to understand the client’s business.
Our clients are to be found primarily in Scandinavia, Europe and North America. We also co-operate with law firms globally and regularly assist clients on international matters. We have a total workforce of approximately 185, of which more than 120 are lawyers. We have offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Linköping and Norrköping.

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