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Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 03, 2016 15:50 CEST

Barolo Albe har nyligen bytt till årgång 2012, en hyllad årgång från Barolo, som nu finns tillgänglig ute på butikerna.

2012 Barolo Albe

Artikelnr. 2398/ Pris 229 kr/ Fast sortiment 

2012 Barolo Serralunga Luigi Baudana

Artikelnr. 2330/ Pris 279 kr (750 ml), 149 kr (375 ml)/ Fast sortiment

2012 Barolo Bricco delle Viole

Artikelnr. 99553/ Pris 479 kr/ Tillfällig exklusiv lansering

Lansering 4:e november – 360 flaskor

Producentens egna ord om denna årgång:

On 2012 Barolo vintage

We are thrilled to present the vintage 2012.

In one metaphor, it tastes to us like Barolo “from an air-balloon”. This vintage is lifted, aerial, charming.

The Vintage

2012 featured a long and mild fall followed by one of the coldest winters in recent years, with temperatures as low as -15°C in January and February. Snow and rainfalls were heavy until April, and continued until the second quarter. These wet conditions led to a delayed bud-break, a limited flowering and thus to a significant – but positive on a quality standpoint - decrease of yields.

Summer was warm and dry, with high temperatures (up to 38°C) until mid of August. Subsoil had abundant water reservoirs: a perfect scenario to avoid hydric stress.

Rains felt again at the end of August. The subsequent drop of temperature was a blessing for Nebbiolo. Cooler nights led to a slower ripening, offering the vines more time and better conditions to achieve a great phenolic and aromatic ripening. Since clusters were loose, health conditions were also above norm. Our Nebbiolos were picked from early to mid October.

High elevation

The high elevation, especially on Bricco delle Viole and the plots of Barolo Albe (Fossati, La Volta, Coste di Vergne), had an impact both on windier and dryer conditions, and also in mitigating the effect of lower yields: wines resulted lifter and graceful, red fruit components prevailing.

Vinification and Ageing

The beautiful phenolic ripening allowed us to stretch vinifications to ideal timing: approximately 20-25 days on skins for Barolo Albe and Barolo Serralunga, and up to 40 days on Bricco delle Viole, Ravera, Baudana and Cerretta. All Barolos were aged for an average of 28 months in large Slavonian casks, followed by bottle ageing until release.

What to expect

2012 Barolos are lifted and aerial. Acidity levels are overall slightly lower than in 2011, but freshness shines due to the different balance of the wines. Fruit is expressive, alcohol levels very balanced.

This vintage reminds of both 1998 and 2008: radiant elegance, a delicate and supple yet complex texture. They will reveal their full beauty and nobility with age, but will intrigue from the first sip.


-Famiglia Vajra

På Moestue säger vi ”vin med adress” – och vi menar det. Fast övertygade om att ett vin ska smaka av sitt ursprung utgörs vårt sortiment av mycket noggrant utvalda partners med produkter som har en tydlig ursprungskaraktär som erbjuder bästa möjliga pris och kvalité. Fokus i vinportföljen är på viner ifrån Europa där vi idagsläget främst jobbar med kvalitetsproducenter i Frankrike, Tyskland, Spanien, Portugal och Italien.
Givetvis representerar vi dock även stora delar av resten av världen såsom USA, Sydafrika, Argentina och Australien. Vi samarbetar framförallt med familjeägda producenter där många av dem arbetar ekologiskt eller biodynamiskt eller har det som målsättning. 

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