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Nya bike-kollektionen: Essence

Nyhet   •   Apr 10, 2019 17:00 CEST

Foto: Craft Sportswear

Essence är det hållbara valet som ger ytterligare en grön dimension till cykling. Återvunna material, miljövänlig infärgning (Solution dye) och en ren, tidlös design ser till att varje cykelpass sker på naturens villkor. Kan enkelt mixas och matchas med dina övriga cykelplagg.

Solution dye
Solution dye is an eco-friendly dyeing process that saves lots of water, chemicals and energy. In the process, the dyeing is carried out by adding the color pigments to the spinning solution prior to the fabric weaving. As a result, the pigments become an integral part of the fiber, offering superb color fastness. Compared to traditional dyeing, Solution dye uses 75% less water, 67% less chemicals and 39% less energy.

67% less harmful chemicals
Adding the color pigments to the spinning solution in a high-pressure process means that less chemicals are needed to make sure the color “sticks” to the yarn. As a result, the Solution dye process reduces the use of harmful chemicals with 67% compared to traditional dyeing.

39% less energy
Since Solution dye includes less water and chemicals, the process also uses less energy to color the yarn fibers. In fact, it uses 39% less energy than the traditional dyeing process.