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Öppet brev till Mark Zuckerberg

Nyhet   •   Okt 11, 2012 17:11 CEST

Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,

Friends is a Swedish anti-bullying organisation who's vision is to see all young children and adolescents grow up in a safe and secure society where all are treated equally. Yesterday we launched our latest initiative against cyber-bullying: The Bullying Simulator. The campaign, which is based on a Facebook application has been widely used and shared, discussed heavily within social media: in both individual blogs and media articles covering its usage and launch.

During Wednesday evening, just 12 hours after the launch, The Bullying Simulator was closed down by Facebook Headquarters without any notice. 

Every day thousands and thousands of children and young people are affected by cyberbullying. We aim to get adults, parents and other children to understand the impact of bullying and help to stamp it out once and for all.

Now Facebook is stopping this incredibly important initiative. Why?

Swedish anti bullying organisation, Friends

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