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​​Royal National Day celebrations when Sofiero Palace in Helsingborg turns 150

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 30, 2016 12:54 CEST

Photo: Anders Ebefeldt

Sofiero Palace, the Palace Gardens and the City of Helsingborg invite families to celebrate a Jubilee inauguration and Swedish National Day on 6 June. The King and Queen will attend, and the day will be a public festival with the Jubilee show, activities and adventures for grown-ups and kids alike.

To mark the 150th anniversary of Sofiero Palace, the City of Helsingborg will hold its official National Day celebrations this year at Sofiero. Entrance is free and there will be a full day's entertainment for the entire family. The King and Queen will arrive at 10:00. They will then open the "Royal Artistry" jubilee exhibition in the palace. The exhibition is a journey through several generations of Royal artistry with artworks by e.g. Sigvard Bernadotte, Prince Eugen and Queen Margrethe.

One of the day's most spectacular events will be a highwire walk above the rhododendron bushes by Cirkus Cirkör. The highwire walk will symbolize the Sofia Bridge, which will span the ravine. Later in the day, the King and Queen will also open the Jubilee Gardens – a 2,000 square metre garden that will be a new attraction at Sofiero.

"Sofiero has grown, changed and revivified itself over 150 years, and we want to continue working in that spirit," says Annika Malmgren, Operations Manager at Sofiero.

The high point of the celebrations will be the Sofiero Jubilee Performance at 12:30 with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Stefan Solyom together with the Concert Hall Choir. The soloists are Pumeza Matshikiza, soprano, and Joachim Bäckström, tenor. The Master of Ceremonies will be Johan Wester.

After the Jubilee performance, the King and Queen will leave for Stockholm and Solliden, but the celebrations will continue with activities, music and adventures throughout the park until it closes at 18:00.

To mark the Jubilee, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra will hold its traditional National Day concert at Sofiero. The concert will begin at 14:30.

"The day will be a festival in which the City of Helsingborg will spare no effort to provide its guests with a selection of the very best we have to offer," says Max Granström, CEO for Helsingborg Arena and Scen, the company in charge of the 150th anniversary celebrations, and which Sofiero forms part of.

: Sofiero Palace, City of Helsingborg.
Time: Monday 6 June, 10:00-18:00.

Free entrance

Some of the day's will be transmitted live via Feel free to use #sofieroslott150

Everything you need for press accreditation is available here.

For further information about the royal visit during the Jubilee inauguration, contact
Mattias Hennius, Head of PR, City of Helsingborg, telephone +46 733-61 24 77, or email mattias.hennius@helsingborg.

For further information about Sofiero:
Annika Malmgren, Manager, Sofiero, telephone +46 70-629 17 54, or email

Extract from programme
08:30 Sofiero opens
10:00 Activities in the park, all day. Theater, music, clubs & associations, try-it-and-see activities, food and entertainment. 
10:00 King and Queen arrive at Palace
10:20 Highwire – Cirkus Cirkör perform a highwire walk with Tatiana from the French BASINGA troupe in connection with breaking ground for the Sofia Bridge
11:00 Royal Artistry exhibition opens in the palace
11:00 Inauguration of the new Jubilee Gardens
11:00 ”Var katten e skatten”, theatre for children (in Swedish) at Children's Sofiero
11:30 ”Waltz of the Flowers”, dance performance with Big Wind at the Maze
12:00 WERDI, dance and improv, in front of the palace
12:30 The Sofiero Jubilee Show; stage by entrance
13:30 ”Var katten e skatten”, theatre for children (in Swedish) at Children's Sofiero
13.50 Mini Musical ”Fönster mot havet” Helsingborg City Theatre; stage by entrance
14.30 National Day Concert with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, the Helsingborg Concert Hall Choir and soloists; stage by entrance
15:30 ”Waltz of the Flowers”, dance performance with Big Wind at the Maze
16:30 WERDI, dance and improv, in front of the palace
18:00 Park closes

See the full programme on the Sofiero website.

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