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KRAV says no to proposed EU regulation on organic production

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 09, 2014 11:30 CEST


We propose in our comments to The Swedish Board of Agriculture that the European Commission’s proposed regulation on organic production be rejected by the Council of the European Union. If the proposal goes through it will eliminate a large part of Swedish organic production and marginalise production within the EU.

– By changing details to important principals there is a risk that the European Commission’s proposal will knock out a large part of organic production.  The Commission doesn’t seem to understand the effects of the proposal,” says Kjell Sjödahl Svensson, Quality Director, KRAV.

For example, The European Commission proposes that all grocery stores be certified that want to sell pre-packaged organic products. This is not based on a risk assessment and the possibility of widespread falsification, but that these grocery stores in the new regulation will not be ”exempt” from inspection.

– It is very important to continually improve regulations for organic production, but it must be done in a more predictable manner that involves the sector.  Also, The Commission has assumed that confidence in organic production is low. We believe instead that the strong increase in sales of organic food in Sweden and Europe over the last ten years shows every day that consumers have confidence in organic and KRAV-labelled food, says Kjell Sjödahl Svensson.

Instead of a completely new regulation KRAV wants the current regulation, that has only been in existence for five years, to continue to be developed during dialogue with the sector and according to proposals already discussed.

– It is important that there is continuity in regulations so that producers feel confident and more farmers and other producers dare convert to organic production to meet the current increasing demand from consumers, says Kjell Sjödahl Svensson.

KRAV’s comments are in accord with other important actors within the organic production sector. The European Commission proposal is currently awaiting decision by the European Council and will be handled by the European Parliament after the European Parliament election on 25 May 2014.

KRAV’s comments on the European Commission proposal (In Swedish):

IFOAM’s press release:

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