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Clean Water and Pure Vodka

Nyhet   •   Jan 27, 2016 09:37 CET

Kristianstad isn’t only surrounded by water above ground. Deep under the ground lies one of Europe’s biggest stores of groundwater, containing fresh, mineral water.

Rain that fell several thousands of years ago and has been purified naturally through layers of soil has transformed into this superior drinking water. In a national contest, Kristianstad’s tap water has been awarded to be Southern Sweden’s tastiest water.

Kristianstad’s water is also a key ingredient in one of the world’s most famous drinks, Absolut Vodka. The fresh groundwater is a significant reason why production of Absolut Vodka is based in Åhus, just south of Kristianstad.

In one day, Absolut Company produces 600 000 bottles of Absolut Vodka shipped all over the world.

Further information:
Eva Mårtensson, Public Relations Manager, Municipality of Kristianstad, +46 733 135710,

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