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Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 12, 2012 16:30 CEST



 Norwegian jewellery engineer Sigurd Bronger will exhibit his products at the Röhsska Museum

 The winner of the SEK 1 million Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Award 2012, the Norwegian jewellery engineer Sigurd Bronger will exhibit his products at the Röhsska Museum, November 6 until March 3, 2013.

 “Sigurd Bronger is a jewellery designer who works in the sphere of the delicate and small scale; between early 20th century mechanical industrialism, humour, love of the material, time and the finely polished.

Bronger’s jewellery crosses the genders, even though the process is playfully male – with gearwheels, precision mechanics and wonderful hand-made packaging.

He treats time as a material, alongside brass, precious metals, diamonds and wood – all meticulously selected and worked during a long, sterling process. When the jury visited his studio in Oslo, he told us that he creates three or four new pieces a year.

Industrial romanticism characterises Sigurd Bronger’s jewellery and his inspiration stems from instruments and machinery. When I look at and touch Bronger’s jewellery, I feel like a young boy at a funfair or caught up in a wonderful mechanical fairytale world – I forget everything else around me.

Sigurd Bronger’s design art changes my perception of what is possible.”

                                                             Ted Hesselbom, Museum Director

Welcome to:

The press viewing of the exhibition on Thursday November 1 at 11.00 am, including a lunch.

Please contact Birgitta Wåhlander to register for the press viewing, no later than October 30.

The prize ceremony will take place on Monday November 5.

Drinks will be served from 16 pm and the ceremony will begin 16.45 pm at the Gothenburg University lecture hall, Vasaparken, followed by a tour of the exhibition at the Röhsska Museum.

Press accreditation for the prize ceremony, including photo coverage, can be obtained by contacting Birgitta Wåhlander no later than by 16, November 1.

The exhibition opens at 16.30 pm Tuesday November 6, attended by Sigurd Bronger and Ted Hesselbom, and goes on until March 3, 2013.

Lecture at 18.00 pm the same day.  Sigurd Bronger will give a lecture at the Röhsska Museum.

The prize committee´s comments, pictures and a detailed presentation of Sigurd Bronger can be obtained under:

Also see:

 The Röhsska Museum prize committee for the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize, with funds from Torsten Söderberg Foundation and Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, has unanimously decided to award Norwegian jewellery engineer Sigurd Bronger this year’s prize of SEK 1,000,000.

The purpose of the award is to promote design, fashion and handicrafts in the Nordic countries. Every sixth year, the prize is split into five equal parts, one for each Nordic country, and is used to reward particularly significant critiqued works within the subject area. Since the prize is awarded in the industrial design area, it can be divided equally between several people working together in the same project.

The award helps deepen collegial collaborations in the Nordics and augments fundamental Nordic values in design, fashion and handicrafts.

The award is administrated by the Röhsska Museum, which considers it an honor. Besides the considerable prize money, the winner is able to present his work in a separate exhibition at the museum from 6 November 2012 through 3 March 2013.

 The SEK 1,000,000 prize is the highest in the world; it is determined by a jury and awarded annually.

 More information:

For additional information, contact Media and PR officer Birgitta Wåhlander at or on +46 (0)31-368 31 53.

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