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World Record Attempt and No Limit dive for Swedish Annelie Pompe in Egypt

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 26, 2012 06:30 CEST

Swedish Annelie Pompe is climbing high and diving deep. She has climbed Mount Everest, and now it's deep diving on her agenda. Right now Annelie is in Egypt to acclimate before her biggest achievement this far in life: To take back her world record in variable weights of 130 meters. If she succeed she continues to hold a No Limit record of 160 meters. A record that has been untouchable for 10 years.

Variable weight means diving while holding a weight and swimming up with own power. No Limit means  diving while holding a weight and using a winch or lift bag to get up. In 2002 Tanya Streeter sat the world record in No Limit 160 meters. Only a handful of people have ever been to the depths Annelie Pompe is training for right now. The training for the world record is in full swing, and the trial will be carried out between 5-15 november in the presence of freediving organization AIDA World Records and Guinness World Records.

Annelie thoughts about No Limit: "I am the first to admit that I have double feelings for "No Limit". I like simplicity, but No Limit is not easy. It's like training for an Everest expedition with equipment and a lot of people involved. Furthermore, it is like doing everything for the first time, since so few have done it."

She continues: "A big part of me like the to be in the sea without any equipment and lots of people around. At the same time I love the depth. The depth that only No Limit can take me to. Something happens in real deep dive. A sense of freedom, total concentration and at the same time a ”near-life-feeling”. A No Limit dive is not a extremely physically dive, rather an "within dive" where the biggest challenge will be more mental than physical.”

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