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Home @ Yishun Using High End Resilient Flooring

Blog post   •   Nov 26, 2011 11:27 +08

We like to thank the owner and family for giving us the photos of their beautiful home. The whole house is installed with high end resilient flooring.

High End Resilient Flooring Has a Wood-Alike Feature.

The owner has selected Markham Oak Light design for the living dining room area. This is one of the most popular designs from Evorich.

Kitchen Area

High end resilient flooring can also be installed at the wet kitchen area due to its waterproof feature; this is usually not possible for traditional laminate flooring. Thus, high end resilient flooring is a good substitute to laminate floors.

Kentucky Oak Flooring Design

Kentucky Oak flooring design is the selected for the kitchen area. It gives the kitchen area a cosy interior design due to the dark wooden colors.

Living Hall With MarkHam Oak Light Design

One feature of high end resilient flooring is its random unique design patterns per design. This will makes the home flooring looks unique from most lower quality laminate flooring where all floorboards carries the same pattern & color.

High End Resilient Flooring @ Balcony

The owner also requested us to install high end resilient floor at the balcony with an enchanting koi pond beside it.

Common Bedroom

Light wooden designs will usually make the room more spacious and brighter with daylight.

Common Bedroom Design II

High end resilient flooring has real wood like texture that make the flooring highly slip-resistant; hence it contributes to the overall safety at home especially when you have young children at home.

High End Resilient Flooring is Relatively More Durable to Install at Bathroom Entrances.

Now, let’s visit the master bedroom, you can see that it is ok to install high end resilient flooring at the entrance to the bathroom. This is the area at the room with the most humidity hence flooring with high level of water resistance or beat waterproofing is preferred.

Master Bedroom

All the bedrooms are also selected with Markham Oak Light design; the owner has a pretty good taste of selecting complementary colors for the furniture and the flooring, thus making the bedroom interior design authentic and pleasing to the eye.

Master Bedroom Design II

A simple and yet alluring bedroom design, we’d like to thank the home owner once again for contributing their home design photos.

This blog post is contributed by Evorich Flooring Group's In-House Bloggers.

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