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Sigma and the Internet of Things - Sensation in the marketplace

Press Release   •   Sep 18, 2014 13:59 GMT

Sigma has a strong position in the IoT field. The consulting firm is now launching a new service – Sensation – that combines wireless sensors with modern IT solutions and analysis tools to ascertain facts and new patterns that have previously not been practical to extract.

The service has already attracted considerable international attention with many companies
showing interest. Sensation has also been nominated for the Microsoft Partner Awards.

“Sensation is a new software service based on Microsoft Azure for managing sensor networks and sensor data, where we apply big data analysis and machine learning to ascertain facts and new patterns for our customers,” says David Österlindh, Head of Sales, Sigma IT & Management. “This has not previously been achievable in an easy and cost-effective manner.”

Sensation can be applied to just about anything, and what is unique is the combination of sensor networks along with the collection and analysis of the data that the sensors provide.

“Our many years of experience in developing mobile products gives us a unique capability to adapt sensors and wireless communications for data collection to customers' needs,” says Fredrik Hedlund,
CEO, Sigma Connectivity.

“Development in the market is incredibly exciting and we're seeing enormous needs from the companies we meet,” says David Österlindh. “Together with Sigma Connectivity and Sigma
Civil, we have an unparalleled range of services throughout the field of IoT.”

For further information, please contact:

David Österlindh, Head of Sales – Region South, Phone: +46 733 51 48 24

Fredrik Hedlund, CEO, Sigma Connectivity AB, Phone: +46 771 550 500

Sigma IT & Management is the leading IT service company for clients
who require both a strong local presence and global delivery capacity.

Sigma Connectivity provides leading-edge expertise in designing and
developing products' capabilities to communicate.

Sigma Civil is a fast-growing technical consulting company in the Swedish market with the main focus on infrastructure and building construction.

Sigma is a leading consulting group with an objective to make our custom-ers more competitive. Our means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 1,700 employees in eleven countries. 

Sigma is owned by Danir, held by the Dan Olofsson family. 

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