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Your having a Giraffe!

Blog post   •   Dec 03, 2013 11:09 GMT

With so menu restaurants to choose from in London, it's hard to work out where to go with friends for dinner. I'm often keen to try something new, but then if it's not great, you'll end up never hearing the end of it with friends.

So where can you go in London, where you'll find something for everyone on the menu? Not too pricey, with no fuss, when you’re starving and you just want eat and shoot. Answer:  Giraffe

Food to keep you toasty

On one chilly night, I recently ended up in the Kensington, and stumbled upon a rather swanky version of Giraffe, and I'll be honest, I'm not a big 'chain restaurant' eater. So I was expecting a rather average meal, but what a pleasant surprise my meal was.

The food and drinks menu caters for British classics like chicken Kiev, Steak and chips. A then goes off, into a fusion of Tex-Mex meets oriental Staples, such as Hot Duck stir fry and BBQ Chicken Quesadilla.

Food to share with friends

After seeing the menu, I was eager to try it all, so went for a Meza board to start, which was a feast of homemade Mediterranean/Arabian classics, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Pepper salad, cured meats. At a reasonable £8.45, this makes eating out in London a very affordable and enjoyable experience.

As the cold has galloped in to London recently, I was looking for more calories to consume. When it came to my main course, I knew I wouldn't fail if I ordered a juicy 21 day aged steak. This beast of red meat was mouth watering, and every piece melted on my tongue. With my added side of sweet potato fries, complimented the dish, in a sweet/savory flavor twist to the dish.

Vino Classic

As I'm not a red wine drinker, I went for a sparkling and pink Pinot Grigio. Well it is party season after all, so bubbles are defiantly in season right now. Probably not everyone's first choice with steak, although it worked out just perfectly for what I was looking for in a wine.

Giraffe has certainly upped their game, since I last popped in a few years back. Slicker ambiance, better quality food, and charming attentive staff.

I'll defiantly be popping in again.

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