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Blogger becomes PR companies main media forum

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2014 22:41 GMT


As the retail industry and media publication continue to suffer, bloggers are fast becoming the main medium for PR companies to engage audiences.


Bloggers, are renowned for their honest approaches, when reviewing new products and places, and this approach is valued by readers when looking for the hottest place to visit in town.


In the past, if a company where looking to launch a new product, budgets would be set for a slick advertising and marketing campaign, followed by carefully created press releases to magazines and newspaper in the hope that the message would be picked up, printed and be engaged by right audience, and thus the product would begin to sell.


In recent years, as print publication readership dwindles, due to people reading online content for free, a newer waive of freelance journalistic peeps have fast become the norm for PR companies to approach to gain editorial coverage.


Bloggers all over the world write interesting, honest content, on every topic imaginable. Their readership numbers are becoming vastly superior to that of main stream magazines. Possibly because they offer impartial reviews.


One blogger, Natasha Godbold, of London based review blog ‘A London Thing’, has turned her reviewing based knowledge into a full time business.


Natasha said ‘PR companies approach me to write reviews on new beauty product or restaurants, in return for my creative written reviews’ I’m getting around 5,000 readers per month, so I guess PR companies now see the value in bloggers.’


It seems bloggers have an endless stream of content coming their way, to write about. Or are bloggers tempted to write positive content for the rewards of a free meal?


‘I’m often asked if the food is bad in a restaurant I’m reviewing, will I write about it? What I tend to do is tell the restaurant if something is wrong, to give them a chance to rectify it. But normally if the quality isn’t great, and it’s not possible to get it better, then I’ll not review the food, and review the bar menu or service instead. When you have such a following, you have a big responsibility to your readers and the companies. I don’t want to put people out of business based upon my experiences, so I have to be gentle.'


If you would like Natasha to write a review, please contact her directly or visit




A London Thing Ltd, is a London lifestyle blog,written by the London Princess. With the Head offices in Fulham, South West London.The company serves the world wide web community looking for guidance on London diverse social scene.

The company has quickly become the go to place for finding out the the best bits of London.

The London Princess is a freelance journalist and writer, who is renowned for honest and quirky writing.

If you would like to contact the Natasha 'aka'London Princess please email

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