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The Countdown

Blog post   •   Aug 29, 2013 16:50 BST

By Alex Shea, Marketing and Project Executive at Freshly Made Content.

I thought I’d take a week out of my digital marketing lessons to celebrate the 3 month countdown to the Digital Marketing Show. It will be, after all – the perfect place to show off all of your newly gained knowledge from my multitude of insightful blogs.

Now - most other Digital Marketing Shows are aimed at the ‘tech-head’ crowd out there.  You know the ones; the ones who get confused when people refer to the ‘apple of their eye’ and produce a baby rather than a MacBook; the ones that laughed in your face when you offered them some paracetamol when they said they wanted a Tablet. 

No.  Our Digital Marketing Show does not evolve around preaching to the converted.  Nor is it to keep tech-heads up to date with the most recent trends.  This is for the lost ones, the agnostic ones – the ones that are unsure about digital and do not know where to turn. 

The Digital Marketing Show will offer deep insight and solutions that will enable show attendees to understand how the digital world can help deliver their marketing objectives.  After all – our world is changing rapidly and every marketer really needs to keep up with this rate of change. 

With recent additions of Philippa Snare (Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft Ltd UK) filling a speaker slot and Exhibitors as immense as Oracle – it will be impossible to leave without a digital skip in your step.

So set your digital alarm clock for 9am, 26th November (surely even you have one of those!) and we will see you there. 

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