Media Update 20 May 2020

News   •   May 20, 2020 12:00 BST

How the New DJI M300 RTK Keeps People Safe in First Response Operations

When a hazardous materials risk occurs, first responders need to quickly deploy and prepare the scene to control the spread and reduce risk to the community and themselves. Drones play a critical role in quickly assessing the situation, aiding plans on how to approach the incident and reduce the risk to first responders on the scene.

In this short story the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue (SMFR) team talks through their experiences and thoughts about the new Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series, DJI's latest commercial drone platform. SMFR, a leader in deploying drones for HazMat response and a DJI Solution Development partner since 2018, has worked hand-in-hand with DJI to provide feedback and input on the development of the Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series.

Watch the full DJI’s story  here.

Avoid the Pitfalls of New Drone Excitement

As anyone buying their first drone can testify, drone technology is fascinating. However, flying safely and responsibly are paramount and new users should avoid the temptation to get the drone out of the box and up into the air as quickly as possible.

DJI's latest addition, the Mavic Air 2, has heightened interest in the technology even further with new users and DJI fans alike, wanting to embrace aerial creativity, with DJI's smartest, safest and easiest-to-fly consumer drone to date.

Here is a quick guide for users to get the best experience from the Mavic Air 2 while avoiding the pitfalls of new drone excitement.

Click on this link to access the video guide.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Early Works Get A Hasselblad Makeover

The University of Bologna's Department of Architecture has utilised Hasselblad's medium format camera expertise to transform several of Leonardo da Vinci's early sketches into 3D models.

Using the H6D-400c Multi-Shot in combination with the university's own developed software, ISLe (InSight Leonardo), 3D models of these hundreds of years old art pieces have been created to save for future generations.

These digital renderings hold immense detail, including the true colours of Leonardo’s drawings, the different shades of ink, chalk and metal points, and even the feel of the paper’s fragile surface. Andrea Ballabeni, a research member who is responsible for software development in the Department of Architecture at the university, tells us all about how this extremely valuable tool aids art curators and history experts in analysing the work of Leonardo da Vinci even further.

You can share this stunning project with your readers by directing them to the Hasselblad official website.

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​How the New DJI M300 RTK Keeps People Safe in First Responses Operations Avoid the Pitfalls of New Drone Excitement Leonardo Da Vinci’s Early Works Get A Hasselblad Makeover

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DJI Defines a New Standard for Industrial Tools by Unveiling the Most Advanced Commercial Drone Platform and its First Hybrid Camera Series

Press releases   •   May 07, 2020 13:00 BST

DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today unveiled its most advanced commercial drone platform, the Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK), and the Zenmuse H20 Series – a hybrid, multi-sensor camera.

Get Ready To Up Your Creative Game With The New DJI Mavic Air 2

Press releases   •   Apr 28, 2020 02:30 BST

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today ushers in a new era of aerial creativity with the Mavic Air 2 drone, combining high-grade imaging, intuitive yet advanced flight performance and revolutionary smart and safe technology in the best all-around drone we’ve ever made.

DJI and Rosenbauer Global Partnership Advances the Digitalization of Emergency Service Response

Press releases   •   Mar 30, 2020 08:00 BST

Aerial perspective and mobile operation management system combine to inform deployment, give increased situational awareness, and save critical time

DJI Showcases Wide Product Portfolio at CES 2020 Including new Incubated Livox Lidar Technology

Press releases   •   Jan 06, 2020 14:00 GMT

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today brings its wide product and solutions portfolio to CES 2020, including its full drone lineup, handheld Imaging systems along with introducing Livox. Livox Technology Company Limited (Livox), an independent company that is revolutionising the lidar sensor industry.

DJI Drone Detection System Passes UK’s National Infrastructure Protection Agency’s Evaluation

Press releases   •   Dec 09, 2019 15:05 GMT

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, is pleased to announce that its AeroScope drone detection system has been evaluated and passed by the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

DJI Demonstrates Direct Drone-To-Phone Remote Identification

Press releases   •   Nov 14, 2019 11:30 GMT

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today demonstrated a direct drone-to-phone, Wi-Fi based solution to remotely identify airborne drones, pioneering an easy way for anyone with a smartphone to monitor nearby drones for enhanced safety, security and peace of mind.

Media Update 06 May 2020

News   •   May 06, 2020 13:00 BST

DJI's Latest Product Revealed in Less Than 24hrs

After last week's successful launch of the Mavic Air 2, it's now the turn of the DJI Enterprise team.

DJI's commercial drones significantly enhance operations across public safety, law enforcement, energy, surveying and mapping as well as critical infrastructure inspections by empowering people, reducing risk and digitalising workflows.

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In Europe’s Fight Against COVID-19, Drones Rise to the Challenge

On 14th March, 2020, the city of Wuhan, China, took a monumental step in the fight against COVID-19 by closing the last temporary hospital built to treat virus patients. In the days that followed, local authorities also began removing checkpoints and easing restrictions on the unprecedented lockdown that ultimately lasted for 76 days.

An 11-week lockdown should indicate just how immense China’s battle against COVID-19 has been. During this fight, the use of drone technology was a highly valuable asset for Chinese public safety officials. These aerial tools were used for broadcasting public information and to disperse gatherings, measure the body temperature of citizens, and much more.

As infection rates and the number of deaths continue to rise throughout Europe, authorities have been replicating some of the public safety measures taken in China. Along with a series of lockdowns that vary in severity from region to region, drone technology is playing a key role for public safety officials on Europe’s frontlines.

To share with your readers how drones are being used by public safety entities in Europe during the COVID-19 crisis, you can direct them to ViewPoints, DJI’s corporate blog.

Get Ready to up your Creative Game with the New DJI Mavic Air 2

Created to make capturing unique, high-quality content from the air simple, fun, and safe, Mavic Air 2 offers flagship capabilities in a compact and easy to use folding drone that features 8K functionality. A larger 1/2” camera sensor offers high-resolution photos and videos to make content stand out, while advanced programmed flight modes, intelligent features and imaging technology make capturing professional-looking content effortless. Pilots can now stay in the sky longer with an enhanced maximum flight time, capture vivid imagery with completely revamped autonomous capabilities, and wholly transform their content with in-app editing features.

Find out more about the new DJI Mavic Air 2 here.

Family Portraits in a Time of Lockdown with a Hasselblad

Living in London, freelance photographer Stephen Sweeney is used to rushing around the metropolitan city on portrait and advertising shoots. Now, for over a month, he has been confined to his home, unable to practice his work as he usually does. In lockdown with his four brothers and his parents, he uses this rare “everyone under one roof” occasion and keeps his creative juices afloat by capturing beautifully lit portraits of his six family members with X1D II 50C.

You can share these awesome photos with your readers by directing them to the Hasselblad official website.

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DJI's Latest Product Announced in Less Than 24hrs In Europe’s Fight Against COVID-19, Drones Rise to the Challenge Get Ready to up your Creative Game with the New DJI Mavic Air 2 Family Portraits in a Time of Lockdown with a Hasselblad

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Media Update 22 April 2020

News   •   Apr 22, 2020 11:00 BST

Chernobyl: Massive Wildfire Extinguished with the Help of Drones

On 4th April, a huge wildfire broke out in the forests surrounding the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, almost exactly 34 years after the meltdown of a reactor in April 1986 that caused the worst nuclear catastrophe in human history. Once approaching the radioactive remnants of Chernobyl’s nuclear reactors, the rapidly spreading fires raised alarms that the site of the nuclear plant could be threatened.

The situation was critical. More than 1000 response personnel, 120 firetrucks, several helicopters and planes battled the blazes and contained the fires within 10 days1, preventing the fire from spreading to either the defunct nuclear plant or other facilities in the area.

A fleet of 10 drones were deployed by response teams of the State Agency of Ukraine for Management of Exclusion Zone, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and State Forest Guard, to capture high quality aerial intelligence that helped incident commanders quickly understand the situation and make the right decisions.

The full story, to share with your readers, can be found on the DJI Enterprise website.

Stay Home Stay Creative: Winner Spotlight

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the whole world, and we are all practicing social distancing. However, we can turn this difficult time into an opportunity which is the basis of DJI's #StayHomeStayCreative  campaign. 

Learn a new skill. Overcome a challenge. Whatever you choose to do, capture it and share it with the world. Add #StayHomeStayCreative to your social media post to connect with others making moments in the safety of their homes. Every Friday, we will award one contributor with a DJI product to highlight our support.

Our first winner, Filippo Rivetti, is a photographer who specialises in timelapse photography. Born in Italy, Filippo now lives in Australia, where a mandatory lockdown is in place. Instead of just waiting in his home, Filippo used these constraints to let his imagination flourish. He shares with us his creative process and encourages us to explore our creativity in challenging situations.

Find out more about Filippo’s creation on DJI's corporate blog, ViewPoints

Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, and Other Hollywood Faces on Hasselblad

Norwegian photographer Pål Hansen has photographed an immense list of actors, musicians, and other notable celebrities, including the likes of Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Nicole Kidman, Courtney Love, and Jackie Chan. With his reputation of making anyone feel at ease in front of his camera, Pål always comes away with a unique story of his own about how it is to photograph these star subjects.

You can share these awesome photos with your readers by directing them to the Hasselblad official website.

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Chernobyl: Massive Wildfire Extinguished with the Help of Drones Stay Home Stay Creative: Winner Spotlight Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, and Other Hollywood Faces on Hasselblad

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Media Update 02 April 2020

News   •   Apr 02, 2020 15:00 BST

Pictures from Pioneer Drone Photojournalist Gail Orenstein
Gail Orenstein has been a photographer for 23 years. She lives in London and is a member of The NUJ and The International Press Association. She is also a news Drone journalist. Gail was the first female to drone in Kurdistan during the Mosul offensive in Iraq 2017. She has travelled often on her own to 84 countries and started her journey documenting prisoners in Guatemala in 1982. She has photographed and droned in many conflict zones, often the only female photographer in the field at the time.

Below are several images she has captured on her many adventures.

March 17th, 2020: A women with a traditional leaf hat scavenges through a recycling area under Long Bien Bridge outside of the centre of Hanoi.

Victory Day, 2019: Commemoration of victory over opposition forces at The Eternal Fire in Yerevan, Armenia.

March, 2019: A fisherman gathers together what's left of his livelihood on Savanna beach, Beira, Mozambique. Cyclone Idai hit Beira city, on March 14th, as a category two storm. The livelihood of many fishermen was wiped out in a day. 

October 12th 2019: A cable car running daily to the top of Chiatura, Georgia, often called 'Stalin's graveyard'. Built in 1954 by the Stalinist government, the cable cars were used to pick up Manganese in the mines on the hilltops. On these Soviet-era tramways 3 of the 12 cable cars are still running. Many of the minerals used in former Soviet towns are toxic and are used for both heat and cooking because of fuel poverty.

For interviews or further information she can be reached at

Drones Increasingly Embraced by Public Safety Authorities

In parallel with the growth of the drone industry, public safety authorities have turned to drone technology and seen the enormous benefits an aerial perspective brings to their life saving work.

No two jobs are the same, however every call-out is unpredictable, important, and very risky. Drones have proved to solve complex issues in situations where time, resources and decision making are paramount to the success of the operation.

For these benefits to be explored even further by the fire-fighting community, DJI has formed a new global partnership with Rosenbauer International AG, the world-leading manufacturer of fire service vehicles and firefighting equipment.

Find out more about this partnership here.

How Drones are Helping With the Preservation of Koalas

Sadly, koalas today face a dire outlook across Australia due to human development, droughts, and forest fires. Events like these and a declining population make conservation and research more important than ever.

Drones offer a more efficient way to count koalas from above, covering more ground than was possible in the past. Dr. Hamilton and his team at the Queensland University of Technology benefit from DJI drones to count koalas, using the data obtained to better help these furry friends from down under.

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Hasselblad Heroines: A Celebration of Female Photographers

Hasselblad Heroines shines a light on talented female photographers from around the globe as they make their mark in the photographic industry. Through these spotlights, each Heroine shares their experiences in their career, challenges they've encountered in a typically male-dominated industry and inspiration in their art through short video interviews.

By putting a spotlight on these creatives, Hasselblad Heroines hopes to encourage the next generation of female photographers to go against the grain and bring their creative visions to life.

Upcoming features include 2016 Hasselblad Master in Architecture Swee Oh, Hasselblad Ambassador Julia Fullerton-Batten, 2014 Hasselblad Master in Fashion/Beauty Bara Prasilova, Celia D. Luna, Hasselblad X You Grand Prize Winner Clarissa Bonet, 2016 Hasselblad Master in Portrait Natalia Evelyn Bencicova and Chiara Zonca.

You can share these amazing photos with your readers by directing them to the  Hasselblad official website.

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Pictures from Pioneer Drone Photojournalist Gail Orenstein​ Drones Increasingly Embraced by Public Safety Authorities How Drones are Helping With the Preservation of Koalas Hasselblad Heroines: A Celebration of Female Photographers

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