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Performance results for Tuesday 15th December

Press Release   •   Dec 17, 2015 11:46 GMT

Performance results for Tuesday 15th December 2015

Due to a technical issue with our automated performace reporting system, Public Performance Measure (PPM) figures for some areas of our netwrork were reported as being 100% on Tuesday. Clearly this was incorrect and we apologise for this.

The correct PPM figures for Tuesday 15th December were as follows:

GREAT NORTHERN PPM 81.5%, Right Time 43.07%

GATWICK EXPRESS PPM 21.74%, Right Time 14.29%

SOUTHERN METRO PPM 32.99%, Right Time 17.92%

SOUTHERN MAINLINE PPM 20.44%, Right Time 10.88%

SOUTHERN COASTWAY PPM 63.55%, Right Time 39.50%

THAMESLINK PPM 43.13%, Right Time, 23.92%

TOTAL PPM 44.11%

TOTAL Right Time 24.72%