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Rail replacement bus plan due to overrunning work in Hastings

Press Release   •   Nov 27, 2016 22:45 GMT

Rail replacement bus plan 28/11/16 in Hastings area due to late finish of engineering work.

Departure times are approximate and could vary depending on traffic conditions.

Please note pickup/set down point at St. Leonards Warrior Square will be from Queen Victoria Statue.

05:08 Hastings to Bexhill
05:20 Hastings to Ashford International
05:42 Hastings to Bexhill
05:46 Hastings to Ashford International
06:13 Hastings to Bexhill
06.47 Hastings to Bexhill
07:20 Hastings to Bexhill
07:38 Hastings to Bexhill

05:40 Bexhill to Hastings
06:40 Bexhill to Hastings
07:00 Bexhill to Hastings
07.30 Bexhill to Hastings
07:50 Bexhill to Hastings

06:10 Rye to Ashford International
07:00 Rye to Ashford International

06:14 Ashford International to Rye
07:15 Ashford International to Rye (Stopper)
07:15 Ashford International to Hastings (first stop Rye)
07:41 Ashford International to Rye/Hastings.