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The Benefits of Working "Out Of The Office"

Blog post   •   Jul 22, 2013 16:14 BST

The Benefits of Working ‘Out Of The Office’

Both companies and individuals can often benefit from the process of working remotely whether this be ‘on the go’ or from home. Being ‘out of the office’ is no longer a taboo subject, with the advantages clearly obvious to all parties involved.

We’ve all become accustomed to enabling our ‘out of office’ settings for annual leave and lengthy meetings, but consider the ever increasing number of people for whom this effective practice is the norm.

See for yourself the benefits for all parties of remote working:

1.  Achieving a Better Work/Life Balance

It is a proven fact that employees who are awarded flexible working rights are often more productive and content individuals compared to their completely office based counterparts.

Working remotely or from home, whether this is on an ad-hoc basis or as a regular occurrence can allow people the scope to undertake their roles to their very best advantage. People quickly learn how best to shape and adapt their hectic schedules and workload.

The rigid micro management process adopted by many traditional style corporations is not always effective and can actually decrease employee morale and productivity levels.

2.  Heightened Productivity

‘Co-presence does not mean engagement’.Ziona Strelitz, Director, ZZA Responsive User Environments

Working remotely frequently enables an increase in productivity, as commuting times to and from workplaces and meetings are either eradicated or decreased.

Many people also work better without the distraction of their colleagues. Through often unintentional interruptions, such as internal discussions, needless meetings or general office banter, many official ‘working’ hours can be lost.

The majority of the original technology issues associated with remote working have now been eradicated. The increased prevalence of mobile enabled platforms and Remote Desktop Solutions have allowed individuals to access all required files and networks ‘on the go’ and to maintain effective communication with clients and colleagues.

3.  Increased Creativity

"An office is where you can climb the corporate ladder. Coffee shops and other hot spots are where you can change your life and have the ideas to change the world around you." - Chris Ward, author of ‘Out of Office: work where you like & achieve’.

Ward asks ‘did you know that over great coffee, Harry Potter and Moshi Monsters were born; Obama’s first presidential speech was composed and many websites such as craigslist and were built?’

Just a few examples of tangible proof that many great business ideas are actually devised by people free from the constraints of traditional desk bound roles.

Creative sparks can fly and business acumen strengthened in cafes, hotels, restaurants, virtual offices or even during commutes.  Who hasn’t born witness to hoards of people furiously typing away on their laptops in all of the aforesaid locations?

Perhaps the term ‘out of office’ will soon take on a whole new meaning, as more and more examples of this advantageous working style arise?

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