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Bluetooth adapter for exchanging data with mobile devices

Press Release   •   Jan 25, 2016 13:25 GMT

The new Bluetooth adapter from Phoenix Contact facilitates data exchange between interface products and mobile end devices. The wireless connections result in highly convenient, easy-to-implement control and regulation processes for industrial use.

The adapter is available as an accessory for the Mini Analog Pro, Mini Analog, and PLC logic products as well as for interface system gateways. Depending on the device type, it is connected either via the µUSB or S-port interface. If a PC or laptop is used for configuration, the supplied PC adapter should be used to ensure fault-free communication. It connects to any free USB port on the PC. The software solutions of the devices to be programmed provide the corresponding driver.

In addition, there are free apps for the Mini Analog Pro and PLC logic product lines, which can be downloaded for Android or iOS from the respective store. The apps allow users to parameterise and monitor the devices. This makes it possible to quickly and easily obtain process values from running systems and directly intervene in the application.

Phoenix Contact, founded over 80 years ago, is a leading manufacturer of electric connection and industrial automation technology. 14000 employees, 50 own sales companies and 30 sales partners worldwide ensure customer proximity.

Our work is dedicated to the creation of progress with inspiring, innovative solutions and to a trusting partnership towards our customers and partners with common benefits.

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