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Benfleet stroke survivor steps out for stroke

Press Release   •   May 23, 2016 09:14 BST

Local Benfleet resident Lorna Bourke, 62, has shown there is life after stroke by taking part in the Stroke Association’s Step out for Stroke event at Hylands Park on Sunday 15 May.

Lorna was inspired to take part in the event after she had a stroke last May which left her in an induced coma. When she awoke she slowly began to make progress, and on 15 May, exactly one year later, with the help of family and friends, Lorna completed two laps of Hylands Park at the charity’s Step Out for Stroke event in just over an hour.

Emma, Lorna’s daughter, said: “Mum’s stroke was a huge shock. She was left paralysed on her left side of her body and is partially sighted following her stroke last year.

“The Stroke Association’s Step out for Stroke was a huge success for mum. Though it was physically and mentally exhausting, mum was so determined. It was wonderful to have the support of all our family and friends walking alongside mum too.

“When mum woke from her coma she had to learn to swallow, talk and walk again – it was so heart-breaking. This time last year we didn’t know if we’d have our mum with us, but to have her back on her feet and working so hard on her recovery is more than we could have asked for. Mum inspires so many people, both family and friends. She hasn’t at any point decided to give up, and pushes herself every day – she’s our hero!

“So far we have raised around £400 in sponsorship, with more on the way.”

George Burroughs, Fundraising Manager from the Stroke Association, said: “Lorna is a real inspiration and seeing her challenge herself at the Step out for Stroke event is testament to how far she has come. There’s a serious purpose behind our Step Out for Stroke event; stroke is the leading cause of complex adult disability in the UK. At the Stroke Association we want to be there for everyone affected by stroke. We’re very grateful to everyone who came along and showed their support at Hyland Park.”

For more information on Step out for Stroke visit

For more information about stroke, please visit or call the Stroke Association helpline on 0303 303 3100.

A stroke is a brain attack which happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleeding in the brain. There are around 152,000 strokes in the UK every year and it is the leading cause of severe adult disability. There are over 1.2 million people in the UK living with the effects of stroke.  

Stroke Association is a charity. We believe in life after stroke and together we can conquer stroke. We work directly with stroke survivors and their families and carers, with health and social care professionals and with scientists and researchers. We campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best recovery they can. We fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. The Stroke Helpline (0303 303 3100) provides information and support on stroke. More information can be found at