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Calls for a new maximum time target from 999 call to treatment for stroke patients

Press release   •   Jul 03, 2019 17:17 BST

Responding to the figures obtained by Plaid Cymru, Carol Bott, Director of the Stroke Association in Wales said, “It’s essential that patients have access to fast, effective care, to ensure they make the best possible recovery to be able to rebuild their life after stroke.

“The longer patients wait for emergency care, the more severe the impact of the stroke can be. It’s particularly concerning to see a large number of patients waiting more than an hour – this could have a devastating impact on most people’s ability to make a good recovery.

“This is why we are calling for changes to the way ambulance response times are measured in Wales; to look at the care given, not just from the point of the 999 call to when the ambulance arrives, but to the point at which people receive treatment in hospital. We strongly believe this measure also needs to be accompanied by a target response time, learning from the approach in England.

“We welcome the Minister’s comment today that he would consider introducing a target, should new evidence come to light. However we believe news of these prolonged ambulance waiting times adds to the existing evidence to support the need for a target, to ensure that stroke patients in Wales get the fast and effective care they need to be able to rebuild their life after stroke.”


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  • When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down. And so does a part of you. That’s because a stroke happens in the brain, the control centre for who we are and what we can do. It happens every five minutes in the UK and changes lives instantly. Recovery is tough, but with the right specialist support and a ton of courage and determination, the brain can adapt. Our specialist support, research and campaigning are only possible with the courage and determination of the stroke community and the generosity of our amazing supporters. We’re rebuilding lives after stroke. 
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