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​Devon youngster goes the extra mile for the Stroke Association

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2016 17:11 GMT

Devon youngster goes the extra mile for the Stroke Association

A Devon youngster will be joined by his mother to take on the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run in Escot Park, Devon, on 27 February 2016.

Ten-year-old Henry Dobrijevic was inspired to raise vital funds for the charity after his brother Oliver had a stroke in 2013, just before his second birthday.Oliver, who is now five years old, made a remarkable recovery, and started school in September 2015.

Emma Mitchell, Henry and Oliver’s mother, said, “Oliver’s stroke was a huge shock for the whole family. At the time, we knew very little about stroke, and we had no idea that the condition could affect our two-year-old boy.

“We’re now really passionate as a family to raise awareness about stroke among children, as it can affect anyone at any age.

“Henry is really looking forward to taking part in the Resolution Run, especially as he’s doing it for his little brother. Oliver will be there on the day with Dad, cheering us on. I think on the day it will be a case of Henry spurring me on to make it to the finish line!”

Childhood stroke affects around five out of every 100,000 children a year in the UK and, around 400 childhood strokes occur in the UK each year.

Amy Spencer, Fundraising Manager at Stroke Association, said: “In the UK, someone has a stroke every three and half minutes, so – it’s vital that we have people like Henry and Emma who can raise funds for people affected by this devastating condition. Henry and Emma are really putting their best foot forward for the Stroke Association, and we look forward to cheering him on.”

To sponsor Henry and Emma, please visit:

For more information about the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run in Escot Park, please email or call 0117 911 5470.

A stroke is a brain attack which happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleeding in the brain. There are around 152,000 strokes in the UK every year and it is the leading cause of severe adult disability. There are over 1.2 million people in the UK living with the effects of stroke.  

Stroke Association is a charity. We believe in life after stroke and together we can conquer stroke. We work directly with stroke survivors and their families and carers, with health and social care professionals and with scientists and researchers. We campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best recovery they can. We fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. The Stroke Helpline (0303 303 3100) provides information and support on stroke. More information can be found at