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Support for stroke survivors in West Norfolk grows with launch of new exercise group

Press Release   •   Jan 30, 2018 09:51 GMT

The Stroke Association has launched a new exercise group to support people affected by stroke in West Norfolk.

The Stroke Association’s Wellbeing Tai Chi group will take place at Reffley Community Hall, every Thursday from 11:30am. The charity is inviting anyone affected by stroke in West Norfolk to come along and get involved.

Diane West, Stroke Association Support Coordinator in West Norfolk, said: “Stroke has a massive and sudden impact, and it’s a leading cause of disability. People’s lives are changed forever - not just for the stroke survivor, but for their family and friends as well.

“Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, which can improve people's balance, muscle strength and endurance, as well as providing psychological benefits. The Tai Chi classes will involve physical movements, along with breathing exercises and mental concentration.

“We look forward to working with local Tai Chi teacher, Glenn Belton, to help more people recover from the devastating impact of stroke.”

For more information about the Wellbeing Tai Chi group, please contact Diane West on 07983 499 510 or email

  • A stroke is a brain attack which happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleeding in the brain. There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year; that is around one stroke every five minutes. There are over 1.2 million people in the UK living with the effects of stroke. 
  • Stroke Association is a charity. We believe in life after stroke and together we can conquer stroke. We work directly with stroke survivors and their families and carers, with health and social care professionals and with scientists and researchers. We campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best recovery they can. We fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. The Stroke Helpline (0303 303 3100) provides information and support on stroke. More information can be found at