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Wakefield stroke survivor hits the slopes thanks to Life after Stroke Grant

Press release   •   Nov 02, 2016 11:32 GMT

Stroke survivor Craig Dove, 41, from Wakefield is preparing to hit the slopes, after receiving one of the Stroke Association’s Life after Stroke Grants, thanks to funding from Royal Mail.

Craig, from Havercroft, was just 26 and working in a local garage when he collapsed and had three strokes in quick succession. Craig was left unable to move his right side, meaning that he now has to use a wheelchair. In addition, he has also been left with communication difficulties.

Before his stroke, Craig used to enjoy skiing but didn’t think he would be able to enjoy his hobby again.

He said: “I used to ski on the black slopes when I was at school and it was amazing, we had so much fun. After my stroke, I thought I wouldn’t be able to ski again, because I’d lost my ability to stand. But I’m determined to live every day to the full and now, thanks to the Stroke Association, I’m going to learn how to ski all over again.”

Kayleigh Ratcliffe, Stroke Support Coordinator at the Stroke Association in Wakefield, supported Craig throughout his recovery and helped him with the Life After Stroke Grant. She said: “Craig didn’t think he would ever be able to ski again because of his disability. Fortunately Xscape Yorkshire provides adaptive skiing lessons and he is now able to take part in something that he did not think was possible, while improving his wellbeing.”

Craig’s Life After Stroke Grant has funded six skiing lessons, as well as the cost to hire the ski wear for each session. Since 2014, grants just Craig’s have been funded by Royal Mail, thanks to their Charity of the Year programme.

The Stroke Association was chosen as Royal Mail Charity of the Year after receiving almost 40,000 staff votes. The company aims to raise at least £2 million for the Stroke Association over the course of the two year partnership.

Every penny raised will help the charity provide Life After Stroke grants of up to £300 to help 10,000 stroke survivors. These grants fund equipment to give stroke survivors more independence and support as they take their first steps back into the community.

For more information about Life After Stroke Grants from the Stroke Association, visit

A stroke is a brain attack which happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleeding in the brain. There are around 152,000 strokes in the UK every year and it is one of the largest causes of disability. There are over 1.2 million people in the UK living with the effects of stroke.  

Stroke Association is a charity. We believe in life after stroke and together we can conquer stroke. We work directly with stroke survivors and their families and carers, with health and social care professionals and with scientists and researchers. We campaign to improve stroke care and support people to make the best recovery they can. We fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. The Stroke Helpline (0303 303 3100) provides information and support on stroke. More information can be found at