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Setting the stage for a personalised eating out experience

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2013 18:44 GMT

An inviting atmosphere, high service standards and good quality food is without doubt important to everyone when choosing in which venues to put one’s money down, but more so with the younger generation - Generation Y.

When asked in Tpoll’s recent Eating Habits 2013 study, nearly a fifth of ‘Youth’ stated the most important criteria when choosing somewhere to eat out next to food quality and price was: service, atmosphere and an authentic experience.

During the week and in their every-day lives, Gen Y’s are very thrifty when deciding on restaurants or QSRs: it has to be quick, trendy and match their budget. However, when they go out on special occasions or treat themselves to a good meal in company, they will go for a place that offers that little extra something.

This little extra something, can often be hard to figure out and some establishments can end up going over-the-top with offers, bonuses or even turning the venue into something more like a theme park rather than a restaurant when little things such as high service standards and a personal experience can be the essential ingredients.

Restaurants trying to engage the young customer should let them co-create their experience by involving them in areas such as: the music being played, the menu options or maybe even the décor. This will give them a more personalised experience and involve them emotionally.

For more information or a full report please contact Nana Nielsen on 02031760719  - Tpoll’s author of the 2013 Youth Eating Habits Report

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