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Vibrant big city

Blog post   •   Apr 25, 2019 06:00 UTC

Photo: Johann Hinrich/Alamy Stock Photo Text: Mads Mørch

Munich and its 1.5 million inhabitants really like to celebrate summer. Open-air restaurants, music festivals and bathing activities along the Isar river make Germany’s third largest city a real summer hotspot.

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Let’s start with the Isar, which winds its way through Munich, providing an inviting 13.7 km of riverbank for sunbathing and picnics. Another outdoor spot popular with locals and visitors alike is the Englischer Garten, an attractive public park of almost four square kilometres. The park, which was initially established in 1789, boasts a Japanese teahouse and a Chinese tower, but also a standing wave for surfing along the manmade Eisbach stream. The artificial swell is relatively challenging, so any beginners should content themselves with spectating only.

Photo: Istock

The park has 75 kilometres of footpaths and more than 100 bridges crisscrossing the Eisbach, so anyone out for a stroll will be spoiled for choice. Although be aware that German naturists also love this English-style park, but they keep to the area known as Schönfeldwiese, where nude sunbathing has been permitted since the 1960s.

Photo: Tollwood

Summer means festival time. You shouldn’t miss Munich’s Summer Night’s Dream festival, which will be held on 20 July this year. It’s a day of music and Bavarian hospitality, topped off every year with an incredible firework display. From 26 June to 21 July, the annual Tollwood festival is also held at the Olympic Park.

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Edible treats can be found in abundance at the traditional Viktualienmarkt. There has been a wealth of market stalls in this neighbourhood ever since King Maximilian I designated the area as a market square by decree in 1807. Make time to explore Isarvorstadt too. This is one of Munich’s most popular districts, and it’s easy to see why. The streets around Gärtnerplatz abound with beautiful old buildings, cafés, bars, restaurants and trendy shops.

Photo: Johann Hinrich/Alamy Stock

And if that’s not enough to keep you busy for several days in Munich, we should also mention that the city is home to 47 theatres and 46 museums.

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