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"Off-road Mania” - Pioneering Bikes for the Dirt Chapter 6 released!

News   •   Nov 23, 2016 20:00 GMT

"Off-road Mania” - Pioneering Bikes for the Dirt - Chapter 6 “It Was a Labor of Love: The Offroad Pleasure Bike Line-up”



The website illustrates the never-before-seen world of uniquely Yamaha off-road models, focusing on the PW50. Launched in 1981, the PW50 opened to infinite possibilities of the offroad world to kids. As well as for the PW50, the website uses archive materials to show how the AG plays an invaluable role in dairy farming in many countries.

Reference: "Off-road Mania” Chapters 1 to 7

Chapter I: Off-road Gems :The YZ250FX and WR250F (released)

Chapter II: Birth of the DT-1

Chapter III: Evolution of the Monocross-Suspension

Chapter IV: From the Desert Sands :Ténéré

Chapter V: A Game-changer :The 4-stroke Motocrosser

Chapter VI: It Was a Labor of Love

Chapter VII: An Everlasting Quest for True Innovation (planned for release in December 2016)

This series features a blend of stories about the development of new genres and challenges towards new technologies, highlighting the passion of the men who love offroading, and scenes and anecdotes of the era which will warm the hearts of long-time fans. We hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as we did making it.