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"Sharing Dreams" Release of a new documentary movie

News   •   Sep 30, 2019 05:57 UTC

We are pleased to announce release of a new documentary movie, “Sharing Dreams.” on our corporate website.

>See the movie

The scene for this movie, the 15th in the series, is Australia.

Children’s dreams know no bounds. Their genuine aspiration becomes what drives them as they grow and mature under the watchful and caring eyes of their parents.

Zane Burchell has his eyes fixed on one thing—going to the AMA in the United States to compete with some of the best dirt track racers in the world.

And one man from Yamaha Motor is the one working this field of dreams, nurturing the seeds of Yamaha Blue and helping them grow on dirt bike tracks across Australia.

The documentary movie series “Moving You” showcases initiatives which encapsulate Yamaha Motor's mission of being a Kando Creating Company.