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Stephannie Depa - USA

Stephannie Depa - USA

Press contact Breakaway Communications +1 530 864 0136
Dennis Mueller

Dennis Mueller

Press contact SVP Product Marketing & Communication ADS-TEC Energy
Juliane Kunz - International

Juliane Kunz - International

Press contact Senior Pressereferentin

The future is electric and decentralized

ADS-TEC ENERGY is a global B2B technology company. Increasing renewables and volatile consumption request a more decentralized architecture of our energy system. Energy sectors such as mobility, heat and even gas can best be coupled by electrical systems. ADS-TEC Energy develops, manufactures, and services intelligent battery buffered eco-systems to enable this transformation.

ADS-TEC Energy plc
5343 Paylor Lane, Suite 200
FL 34240 Sarasota
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