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Blue Integrator provides real value in Staples Nordic's ongoing work with the public sector. The Staples Group is the world's largest supplier of office supplies.
Blue Integrator provides real value in Staples Nordic's ongoing work with the public sector. The Staples Group is the world's largest supplier of office supplies.

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Working with the public sector requires a modern integration solution

The public sector is continually tasked with driving business efficiencies which frequently equates to digital transformation, a procedure which can necessitate changing systems, processes, and technology across the entire organization. If secure and reliable information flows are to be maintained during this transition, public sector suppliers need to be able to offer effective and reliable integration solutions.

A modern integration solution provides shorter lead times, less manual work, increased quality and more flexibility if you need to incorporate change. When working with the public sector, it is crucial that you have the ability to handle new procurements, rules and standards as they evolve over time.

Easier to meet new requirements
- By deploying Blue Integrator, we are now in a much better position to effectively manage new legal requirements and standards that directly impact our work with the public sector. The introduction of the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3 standard is a case in point where the integration engine has enabled us to seamlessly carry on work even though standards have been altered, comments Claes Rylander, E-Commerce Manager at Staples Nordic.

- Traditionally in our operations, we have had to oversee numerous one to one integrations when interacting with customers, which as you can imagine can get complicated. With this old-fashioned technique of direct integration, managing the day-to-day work process becomes both costly and convoluted. We now have a modern integration solution that thankfully saves us both time and money. By using Blue Integrator and our existing SAP business system, we have reduced the number of integrations from around 2,000 to 50, Claes Rylander continues.

Three reasons to use an integration engine:

1. Meet the demands of a digital transformation strategy
Suppliers and public enterprises acquire a state-of-the-art solution that facilitates consistent processes and secure information flows.

2. Future proofing information flows
Once the information flow is established, it is very easy to customize for future changes.
3. Shorten the time from procurement to complete integration
When the contract is won, there is an immediate pressure to deliver – a modern integration engine helps speed up that process.

About Blue Integrator
With Blue Integrator, companies get a flexible and cost-effective integration engine that can be used for virtually any type of integration. Since data only needs to be registered once, the user saves time and resource.

Blue Integrator is easy to implement and enables a large number of integrations, including Jeeves ERP, Dynamics 365 in Azure and SAP. Unlike traditional direct integration engines, Blue Integrator does not detrimentally affect the operation or performance of the existing ERP system. The integration engine is also extremely cost effective when compared to market alternatives.

Blue Integrator is currently being used by over 200 companies globally. For more information go to

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Darren Cottom

Darren Cottom

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Integration for the future

Blue Integrator is an integration engine which enables businesses globally to manage the complexities of new real-time information systems. In order to compete in the digital economy and cope with new market challenges, traditional businesses in industries such as logistics and manufacturing along with online focussed organizations use Blue Integrator to offer a cost-effective, efficient and flexible customer experience. This includes being able to provide access to information about prices, stock balances and delivery times in real-time, regardless of the time of day or the volume of web traffic.

By deploying Blue Integrator and establishing a cohesive flow of information, companies in all sectors can transform their business and gain access to a smart integration engine that can be used for any type of integration. The user only needs to register information once from the company's various platforms and subsystems; Blue Integrator then ensures that information is automatically kept up-to-date in, for example, logistics, warehouse and ERP systems. The solution can handle several hundred messages per second and is easily integrated into both internal and external IT systems.

Simplicity is at the core of the Blue Integrator offering, it is extremely easy to install and manage, enabling a large number of integrations including Dynamic 365 in Azure. Blue Integrator is owned by Connect Companies, a consultancy with over 20 years of integration experience, and is currently used by over 200 companies worldwide for increasing automation, simplifying operations and streamlining processes.

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