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Fuel cells: New industry player

Blue World Technologies aims to be a synonym with the future of sustainable mobility by making fuel cells in a simple way. The ban of diesel and gasoline cars is just around the corner, but how can we supplement battery electric cars while maintaining the advantages of a liquid fuel and at the same time make it fossil free and clean?

Blue World Technologies has been founded with the purpose of developing and manufacturing methanol fuel cell system for the mobility business. Methanol fuel cells have zero harmful emissions and use a simple liquid and renewable fuel. Blue World is located in Aalborg, Denmark, with a global outlook with sight on regions and markets with real change in mind.

The logic fuel 

The focus on methanol as fuel is pure logic; it is clean, cheap and simple to store and distribute. When made from renewables it has a very low well-to-wheel carbon footprint and can enable a global trade of renewable energy across borders and continents using existing infrastructure. With a superior energy, density methanol can ensure a range in vehicles beyond 1,000 km and a refueling times below 3 minutes without compromise! 

“Blue world will focus on retiring the combustion engine by supplying a sustainable alternative", says Mads Friis Jensen, CCO at Blue World Technologies. 

With advanced manufacturing and significant technology innovations, the technology will be more economical than combustion engines in purchase, operation, and maintenance. By introducing 4th generation technology, the already proven technological concept will be taken to a fully commercial level by Blue World Technologies. Blue World products are centred around the High-temperature PEM-technology combined with integrated methanol reforming.

Strong leadership 

The Company is founded by leading executives in the industry with decades of experience and a significant track record. Although newly founded the starting point for the company is well advanced and combined with a sharp focus and strategy the goal is to bring products to the market within a few years. 

“It is clear that combustion and fossil fuels are out, but we need to put something feasible in its place”, says Anders Korsgaard, CEO at Blue world Technologies.

Blue World Technologies is an advanced developer and manufacturer of methanol fuel cell components and systems as a real green alternative to the combustion engine. Blue World Technologies is founded on extensive experience from the fuel cell industry.

The exclusive fuel for Blue World Technologies fuel cell systems is methanol. A renewable liquid fuel that simple and cost-effective can be stored for years and transported around the world, unlike other alternatives.

Blue World Technologies is focused on the High-Temperature PEM-technology combined with methanol reforming. The combination ensures a simple system design with high conversion efficiency and compliance with automotive design requirements. The end solution is a vehicle with all benefits; long range, fast refueling, zero harmful emissions, and low fuel cost.

The headquarters of Blue World Technologies is in Aalborg, Denmark which is a stronghold of highly qualified engineering within the technological area and competent industrial workforce for specialized component manufacturing. Furthermore, Blue World Technologies is planning to set up development and manufacturing activities in key markets to optimize the supply chain and ensure proximity to the customers.

Blue World Technologies is founded by Mads Bang, Anders Korsgaard and Mads Friis Jensen - all executives from the fuel cell industry with extensive experience. The company has just closed the first investment round with great success.


Anne Kvist

Press contact Head of PR and Communication +45 31 60 16 71

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