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Rare Japanese Whiskies up for Auction

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Rare Japanese Whiskies up for Auction

At an Online Auction ending on Sunday 24 May, Bruun Rasmussen presents a hitherto unknown collection of whiskies from Japan.

These whiskies are no longer produced and are in themselves small works of art that represent craftsmanship safeguarded by a proud tradition of brandy produced with rice. With decades of refinement, this is a whisky that is entirely its own and definitely doesn’t stand in the shadow of its Scottish older brother.

Acting, Daring Images and Card Games

Hanyu is the name of the distillery which closed in 2000, leaving 400 casks behind. The whisky is carefully released periodically as long as stocks are available. The labels are a story in their own right, spanning from traditional Japanese motifs found in theatrical plays and more suggestive and daring illustrations to the “Big Butt” text. Among the labels, we also find a series consisting of a whole set of playing cards. However, a game of Blackjack is out of the question at this auction since Bruun Rasmussen only offers the Four of Clubs this time.

The Karuizawa and Yamazaki Distilleries

Equally artistic and rare are the Karuizawa whiskies, which also are no longer produced. There are only a few casks left, and they were quickly bought by aficionados when it became clear that they would otherwise be blended, thus robbing the world of a unique single malt experience.

Yamazaki is Japan's oldest distillery, and, as the exception that proves the rule, it is the only one of the highlighted distilleries here that is still fermenting at full steam. The distillery dates back to 1924, and since then its products have been refined, which has not gone unnoticed by the world of whisky experts.

Auction: Sunday 24 May at 8 pm at

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