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Cavotec Shore Power Application Opened in Karlskrona, Sweden

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Cavotec Shore Power Application Opened in Karlskrona, Sweden

Cavotec’s shore-to-ship power technology has seen further success with the opening of our fourth ‘cold ironing’ application in Sweden – this time at the port of Verkö, in Karlskrona, on the south eastern coast of the country.

The unit at Verkö will supply the Stena Vision passenger ferry with electrical powerfor the duration of the vessel’s port calls, thus substantially reducing emissions andnoise pollution – two issues that have caused concern among local residents.

This application follows the opening of the largest shore power application in the Nordic region at the Port of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden in January.

Vessels require power while docked to run substantial on-board services ranging from lighting, telecommunications and food preparation, to mooring and cargo handling. Currently, the majority of vessels meet these power demands by running their auxiliary engines that emit pollutants into port areas.

The opening of the application attracted widespread interest in Swedish media, withSwedish regional television, Swedish radio and the local Sydöstran newspaperall covering the event. Click on the respective links in the previous sentence to read and hear the reports – although please note that all this material is in Swedish.

Working with partners in the industry, Cavotec has developed shore power technologies at ports across Northern Europe, such as Gothenburg, and in Canada and the US.




Joakim Wahlquist

Joakim Wahlquist

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