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Haglöfs, the only Nordic outdoor brand currently member of Fair Wear Foundation, has after several years of intensive work been awarded with ‘Leader’ status – the highest member category available.

Fair Wear Foundation - FWF for short - works with clothing manufacturers and all other relevant parties to monitor and improve workplace conditions in several production countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. It does this by encouraging its around 120 member brands to work together, sharing their expertise to make their factories better places for their employees. FWF combats injustice, improves dangerous and otherwise poor working conditions, and monitors pay. Haglöfs is a member since 2012 and is currently the only Nordic outdoor brand on the member list.

Yearly FWF publicly reports on Haglöfs’ and the other members’ progress. The results from FWF’s most recent brand performance check confirm that Haglöfs made exceptional progress during 2017, leading to Haglöfs being awarded with ‘Leader’ status - the highest member category available - for the first time.

The brand performance summarizes Haglöfs performance with the following: Haglöfs has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. The company audited 8 production locations in 2017 and increased its monitoring percentage by almost 15% to 98%. This in combination with a benchmark score of 79 means FWF has awarded Haglöfs 'Leader' status. The full report can be found here.

“Social sustainability is as important for Haglöfs as environmental sustainability, and we are glad that the hard work carried out by the whole organization is being noticed. Even though there is still plenty of work to be done in improving the working conditions in our production countries, this is an important milestone for us as a company” said Eva Mullins, Sustainability Manager at Haglöfs.

Fair Wear Foundation's website, with a list of the standards and all participating brands, can be found on

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More than a century ago, Wiktor Haglöf designed a backpack for the local workers of Swedish small town Torsång. The durable, practical backpack would be the proud beginnings of what today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor clothing, footwear and hardware. The Haglöfs brand is currently marketed to the Nordic region, Europe and Asia is owned by ASICS Corporation since 2010. For more info, please visit

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We come from Sweden, a country of extreme weather and extensive landscape. A place where the outdoors isn’t just a far off place, it’s in the fabric of our culture and community. We are committed to creating gear that will support anyone, anywhere in their own outdoor adventure. We were founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf, a visionary with a dream and a toolbox. Our story has evolved from humble beginnings, and we’ve ventured into new territory, creating technical designs that set a new standard in craftsmanship.

At Haglöfs, we are Outsiders by Nature. We draw outside the lines, think outside the box, and live outside our comfort zones. We encourage exploration both physically and mentally through embracing the outdoors. We believe that everyone can experience the outdoors, and do all we can to ensure that it will still be there for future generations to explore.

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