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2019 was yet another good year for Haglöfs, with a growth rate that outperformed the outdoor market. The development is linked to the ongoing transformation of Haglöfs into a more consumer-oriented company. A direction that will be further intensified in 2020 as the company’s Global Sales Director Fredrik Ohlsson takes the helm as CEO of Haglöfs.

As of January 2020, Fredrik Ohlsson, Haglöfs’ former Global Sales Director, will take the helm as CEO of Haglöfs, succeeding Carsten Unbehaun who will take the role as ASICS EMEA CEO, but remain with Haglöfs as the company’s Chairman of the Board.

“I am honoured and excited to step into the role as CEO. My focus going forward is to secure continuous growth and lead the company in accordance with our 2022 strategy, with increased consumer and sustainability focus. Carsten and I worked closely to develop Haglöfs’ strategy and I look forward to continuing to execute on it with him as the Chairman of the Board”, says Fredrik Ohlsson.

The 2022 strategy aims to transform Haglöfs into a more consumer-oriented and digital company, with a more focused and sustainable product mix. As part of that strategy, Haglöfs launched its e-commerce platform in eight new markets last year. Haglöfs also opened three new stores during the year.

This, along with further efforts in marketing, branding and product mix, helped Haglöfs to grow faster than the general outdoor market and take further market share 2019.

“The increased focus on direct-to-consumer distribution is a big shift for Haglöfs, and we see great growth potential in having a direct consumer relationship to develop as an attractive, high-quality brand. This has proved to be very successful and has supported our growth in all markets and channels”, says Fredrik Ohlsson.

Focus on consumers and sustainability

As part of its consumer-focused strategy, Haglöfs conducted a new consumer segmentation last year that will lay the foundation for further development in product mix and a new design direction. The new design direction will be characterised by a high degree of innovation and a

visual identity that traces back to the company’s heritage as a responsible performance brand. The new design will be fully implemented in the spring and summer collection 2021 and onwards.

To support the increased consumer focus, Haglöfs restructured the marketing department during 2019. A key priority is to accelerate the marketing and branding efforts, to further strengthen Haglöfs’ position as the progressive outdoor performance brand from Sweden.

Haglöfs is aware of the impact the industry has on the environment. Sustainability has therefore been at the core of the company’s strategy for more than a decade. Last year, Elaine Gardiner joined Haglöfs as new Head of Sustainability, to take the company’s ambitions to the next level with a new sustainability strategy that will be launched 2020.

“I am happy to wrap up a very successful 2019 for Haglöfs and look forward to 2020, that will be one of the most eventful years in Haglöfs history. This year we will take bold steps within sustainability, introduce a new design direction, and launch our largest marketing campaign to date”, says Fredrik Ohlsson.

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In 1914, Wiktor Haglöf made the first stitch in a backpack that went on to inspire generations of people to get outside. From our Swedish heritage, with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Haglöfs has continued to create progressive outdoor products at the highest level for hiking, mountaineering and freeriding. The Haglöfs brand is currently marketed to the Nordic region, Europe and Asia, and has been owned by ASICS Corporation since 2010. For more info, please visit

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