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A visit to Westerman in Malmö Industrial Park

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A visit to Westerman in Malmö Industrial Park

In June 2020, the good news arrived that the Dutch logistics company Westerman Multimodal Logistics was establishing operations at CMP in Malmö Industrial Park. MG Real Estate, Westerman’s landlord, began construction of the logistics facility at the beginning of the year and now not much time remains before Westerman commences its operations in Malmö for transhipment of goods to rail, maritime shipping and road transport.

We have been out in Malmö Industrial Park and visited our former colleague at CMP, now Managing Director for the Swedish part of Westerman Multimodal Logistics since December 2020, Johan Ullenby, for an update on the work with the 43,000 sqm facility.

Johan Ullenby, Managing Director for the Swedish part of Westerman Multimodal Logistics, in the newly constructed logistics facility.

Westerman is a company dating back to the end of the 19th century and today offers its customers efficient transport solutions in rail, marine shipping and road transport. The business concept is based on transhipment, distribution and transport of goods from their logistics facilities to Europe and the world. According to Johan, the decision to establish operations in Malmö Industrial Park was easy.

“In the port, everything is within a square kilometre. Via CMP, freight flows go via train tracks, vehicle roads and ferry lines that extend into Europe and the rest of the world. From here, we can reload from ferries to trains in our logistics hub and thus offer our customers sustainable and efficient logistics solutions,” notes Johan

The view from the conference room upstairs, by the Oresund Bridge, one can glimpse two Finnlines ferries.

Johan shows us the upstairs, where an approximately 600 sqm office space is being built out. It will house changing rooms, coffee rooms, private offices and a conference room. The office offers a dizzying view of the harbour, the Oresund Bridge and Denmark. But Johan reports that the view may soon change.

“We are already thinking about expanding the facility by another 26,000 sqm and a land reservation was approved by Malmö stads Technical Services Committee in mid-August. If we decide to expand, it will means among other things that in the future we can receive twelve train carriages instead of six,” explains Johan.

The train tracks will be added to the area in the left in the picture and the facility has room for up to six train carriages, a number that will be doubled if Westerman chooses to expand the facility.

Johan also says that the work with the logistics facility is proceeding according to plan and is nearing completion. Eager to start work, temporary offices are being set up in the facility, waiting for the office space upstairs to be completed by the end of September.

The choice was made to purchase previously-owned office furniture, as a part of Westerman’s sustainability work.

    “We have the place and we have the possibilities. With our location in Malmö Industrial Park, we meet at a point where the systems work together, where we can find collaborations and create added value, not only with CMP but also with future partners out here. I am delighted we will begin our journey in Malmö any day now when we receive the first goods for reloading in our new logistics hub.”

    Many thanks Johan – we wish you and Westerman all the best with your new facility!

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