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Investments in fossil-free freight handling

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Investments in fossil-free freight handling

CMP is increasingly investing in fossil-free solutions, most recently in electric or biogas powered cars – for both the liquid and dry bulk operations. It is the operations managers’ vans that are now becoming more environmentally friendly. But that’s just the beginning.

”Our goal is to offer the customers completely fossil-free handling, in other words, from us loading the freight to the ship leaving the port. We are noting when we make purchases or investments that it is often possible to find less environmentally detrimental alternatives – so why not choose them”, says Emil Nordström, Head of Liquid and Dry Bulk at CMP.

And the most recent example is the biogas cars that have been purchased for the liquid and dry bulk terminals in Malmö. A new electric car has simultaneously been ordered for the liquid bulk terminal in Copenhagen, which will be delivered during the first half of 2019. This is in addition to the electric cars which are already used for transporting passengers at Frihamnen in Malmö.

Electric powered cranesTalking of electric power, Emil reminds us that the cranes that were recently installed in the dry bulk terminal in Malmö also use electric hybrid technology, which reduces the environmental impact.

”Furthermore, in early 2019 we are planning to replace the fuel in our machinery and start using HVO100 – a renewable, fossil-free diesel fuel which substantially reduces emissions of carbon dioxide compared with fossil diesel”, Emil Nordström reports.

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