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For this new collection, FACE A FACE’s talented design team continues its poetic exploration into the world of light and colour.

From outer space these designs are on collision course with a new planet of aesthetics!

A colourful and supernatural graphic universe permeates these energetic new concepts, which are dreamt into creation as celestial bodies: the halo around the moon of QUARTZ, the horizontal beam of light of HAVANE... The excitement and subtlety of the lighting effects gives this collection a cosmic halo! These optical frames and their geometric designs are inspired by the beauty of asteroids and continue FACE A FACE’s color laboratories exploration of light and its many wonderful facets.

A new colour palette pierces the night: electric ultra-violets and electric pinks are combined with vibrant materials. The heart of the concept is its ever-changing appearance between two states... or between two worlds! Like the Panton color of the year, Very Peri that you can find in our new collection. "PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light. It displays a carefree sense of both confidence and curiosity. "

An avant-garde mood for a collection that seems to come from outer space: dare to live with the colours of the future from FACE A FACE.

Escape to the moon with QUARTZ!

Quartz 2 col. 4321

Escape to the moon with QUARTZ!
These charismatic and expressive optical frames evoke the facets of a crystal. The sculpted eye emerges from the transparent border, a crystalline structure that is as precious as it is precise.

  • Hand Made in France
  • Two-tone acetate
  • Two shapes: a round panto and a large septagonal
  • Sculpt the eye in a transparent lunar halo
  • Faceted shape reminiscent of quartz crystal
  • Double perception of the model, both thin and thick
  • Colour palette: ultra-violets, opalescents and futuristic gradients

The new “must have” for men

Havane 2 col. 203

A double line traverses the rims like a horizontal beam that then extends along the temples in perfect alignment. This concept metamorphosizes between neon colours and Havana browns.
The new “must have” for men.

  • Hand Made in Italy
  • Two-tone acetate with integrated flex hinge
  • Two shapes: a panto and a rectangle
  • Double line - a horizontal beam traverses this model
  • Carved side and six high-precision bondings
  • Metamorphosis concept - from transparency to the opaque
  • Tobacco amber colour palette

Fully unleashed femininity


The perfect balance between the obvious and the impertinent! These distinctive glasses combine fine lines with sleek volumes - a fully unleashed look created through the expression of FACE À FACE’s iconic expertise.

  • A free expression of FACE A FACE expertise
  • Thick end pieces are joined by wide yet sleek temples
  • New and explosive colour palette: ultra-violet and neon
  • Fully unleashed femininity
  • Hand Made in Italy
  • Acetate
  • Two shapes: a panto and a soft rectangle

Divine and divinatory!

Clone 1 col. 2771_Clone 2 col. 0343

Conjure up extravagance with CLONE: these spectacular sunglasses practice white magic, doubling the glass and bevel work around the rim. Discover them in an explosion of exclusive colours and materials.
Divine and divinatory!

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Two-tone acetate/five-piece hinge
  • Two shapes: a retro-futuristic oval and a Matrix
  • Double glass, as though cloned
  • Faceted, sculpted rim
  • Sunglasses shading
  • Versatile and futuristic

Insightful and futuristic

Tilde 2 col.3006

TILDE is named after the eponymous Spanish accent ‹ ~ ›, illustrated by the use of a cut-out colour accent extending along the arm. Combining a prismatic internal sculpture with sharp edged polishing these sunglasses are resolutely insightful and futuristic!

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Two-tone acetate/five-piece hinge
  • Two shapes: a panto and a large rectangle
  • Refers to the Spanish accent ‹ ~ ›
  • Proud colour accent
  • Thick and sculpted with playful reflective elements
  • Innovative honed polishing

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Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.

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Design is the heart of our company

Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.

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