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Roswell: The First Witness on The HISTORY Channel
Roswell: The First Witness on The HISTORY Channel

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Wednesdays from 3rd March at 21:00

This series follows the grandchildren of Major Jesse A Marcel, the first person on the scene of the Roswell crash in July 1947. His family believe Major Marcel was pressured by the US government to retract his original statement of what he discovered at the crash site and deny he ever saw evidence of a UFO. They possess Marcel’s diary, believed to contain clues about the truth of what happened at Roswell, and new evidence of where the alien wreckage might still lie buried. The investigation is led by Ben Smith, a former CIA operative. (6x60)


Wednesdays from 10th March at 22:00

The Proof is Out There is the series that analyses the most mysterious videos, films, photos, and audio recordings from history - UFOs, cryptids, strange natural history phenomena, and more. Our host, veteran journalist Tony Harris (pictured) introduces videos, but also analyses them, often calling on specialists, or utilizing new computer analysis techniques. Is that triangle-shaped UFO real? Tony takes nothing for granted in a quest for answers, tracking down eyewitnesses, putting each photo or film through a battery of tests, calling out the hoaxes, and highlighting the most credible evidence in an attempt to better understand our world. (8x60)


Saturdays from 13th March at 21:00

An in-depth visual and verbal account of one of the most notorious episodes of World War II. Using location shots and combining CGI, this six part documentary series, tells the concentration camp Auschwitz’s story, using reconstructions of key events by actors playing major Nazi roles and real interviews from parties of all sides: ex-prisoners, old Schutzstaffel (SS) members and witnesses. Hear about the appalling evolution of Auschwitz and discover the fate of many of the SS and prisoners of the camp in the last days of World War II. (6x60)


Mondays from 22nd March at 21:00

The HISTORY Channel images the lives of warriors such as Drustan the Celt, and a Viking called Sigurd Bjornsen. Some are dedicated to a cause, some love fighting for its own sake, one or two are hot-headed, impetuous: others are cool and calculating. But each and every one of them follows their own interpretation of the warrior’s way. Combining visually rich library footage, interviews with historians such as Kelly DeVries, as well as reconstruction sequences, Warrior’s Way will attempt to understand the world of these legendary characters. Whether fighting the good fight, or fighting for a lost cause, you have to admire the men – and women – who made their way, the Warrior’s Way. (6x60)


Continues Tuesdays at 22:00

The Lagina Brothers, Rick and Marty (pictured), take a brief break from Oak Island for to host a new series on some of the World’s Greatest Treasure Mysteries. From the notorious lost treasure of pirates such as Blackbeard and Jean Lafitte, and outlaws like Jesse James and Butch Cassidy, to Aztec gold and sunken treasure ships. This series digs deep into treasure quests across the globe, revealing amazing new details and clues from past searches. Part of Mystery Winter on The HISTORY Channel. (8x60)

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